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    Feedback On Our New Product ? Vegan Leather Business Cards

    Everyone here has always been great in the past. Regardless of whether I was helping solve a problem or asking a question. #1. This is why .....After 2 years of development. I am VERY PROUD to launch our new Vegan Leather Business Cards. I would love to share with the "printplanet" group and...
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    Thermography Printing & Slow Dry Ink Question

    We have a Thermograph Thermo-Type TH1200 that we decided to take out of production. During that time we replaced all Offset with Digital presses. Now we are going to bring back Thermography. These toner based machines will not work with the thermography, as we know. My Question Is , Is there...
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    Bindery Fees ? (round corners, perfing and more)

    Hello Everyone, I was wanting to get a broad idea of what some of you out there are charging for : 1. Corner Rounding Per 1,000 pieces 2. Perfing Per 1,000 pieces 3. Numbering Per 1,000 pieces We have been offering these services. I feel it is time to raise the price. Right now we charge...
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    Offset or Digital Vinyl Sheets Recommendation ???

    We are looking for an Offset or Digital Vinyl Sheets Recommendation. We need the Vinyl to be rated as Permanent and not repositionable. Looking for white stock and clear stock. We currently use a Kelly Paper brand that is 12 X 18. But we dont like the quality of the sheets and they are...
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    Finding Good Employees ? Are We Crazy

    From the beginning we have had a problem with finding good people. We pay more than our competitors . We offer paid holidays, paid vacation and paid sick days. We have tried to find new people from : , Craigslist , Facebook and Word of Mouth We have been faced with some...
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    4over buys zoo printing – USA Breaking News

    Does anyone have any thoughts on the topic. I know in the past there were some issues with Zoo Printing poaching clients. Hopefully that culture has been squashed. ( customer reviews mention the the 4over purchase and difficult transition )...
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    Suggestions On Selling Print Company

    We have a print company that offers offset, digital and large format printing. We will make 1.2 million this year. We have a growth of 10 - 35% on a dependable schedule. We own our own digital preses and large format machines . I keep my payroll from 15% to 25% and we carry zero debt. But, I...
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    Hydraulic Paper Cutter Backgauge Scewed ????

    Hi Print Planet people. We have a Duplo 490P Hydraulic Cutter . The darn thing is cutting screwed. I measured it and it is about 1.5 to 2 millimeters more on the right that the left. Let me say that I have worked on our Triumph Cutters when they had this problem and it was very easy to get in...
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    Button Machine | Suggestions ?

    We have been in printing for 20 years. But we have never made buttons. Looking for suggestions on what machine to purchase. I have seen many offered on amazon. But afraid they might be poor quality. Below are some of our specs • production of 25 - 1000 buttons per day • sizes 1.25 , 2.25 and...
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    Never Seen A Contract Like This > Printing contract whats normal ?

    I was sent over a contract to sign from a new client. To be one of their Vendors. Some of the things in it dont sit right with me. What do you guys think? Below is a list of some of the red flags. SUBCONTRACTORS. Vendor shall not subcontract any portion of the work contemplated •My thoughts...
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    Sales & Growth Question ($750,000 and 4 Employees)

    We are a small shop that is working its way up to being a big shop. A little background about us. •We have been open for 10 years •Worked in printing before starting our own place. • Husband and Wife team plus 4 employees •Started with $1,000 and no machines , now we have full digital sheet fed...
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    To The Trade Printer For Black Light Posters ? Know Of One?

    Our client has requested a decent size run 2 @ 1000 of Black Light Posters ( 24 X 36 ) Does anyone know of a place where we can outsource this. Thank you in advance, B
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    Sign Company Boom Truck Battery Question

    I know this is a little odd to ask. But I am sure some other Wide Format Sign people on here have trucks too. We have a boom truck and the dedicated battery for the boom keeps being drained. I put a new one in and its dead after 2 installs. Anyone got any ideas? Could my employees be making a...
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    Chinese brand cutters...what do you think

    Does anyone know...or have any advice on these Paper Cutters made in China New 670mm 26" Hydraulic Paper Guillotine Cutter Cutting Machine Programmable | eBay We have a Challenge Champion 305 , that the motor went out and the microcut is not working right. For the price , these Chinese...
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    Question: Solution 4 accessing client files from 2 locations

    We are about to open our 2nd location. I need to be able to access or client files from both locations. Right now we have an external hard drive connected to a wireless router. It works really well, as all employees can access a file at anytime and all updates to that file are available to...
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    Gave An Employee A Raise , He Turned It Down ...WTF

    We hired an employee, when hiring we told him it was our goal and his to have his pay at $20 an hour after being with us for 1 year. We hired him at $15, because he had no experience in a print shop before and we knew he would have a lot to learn But, we felt he could do it. Knowing this ...
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    Anyone know about EBM Programmable Cutter ( ARE THEY ANY GOOD?)

    We have always had Challenge brand cutters . But we need a new cutter. We were using a 305 Challenge Champion. The Microcut is not working , so we used it without, then after a few years the motor gave-out. So, we figured on getting a new cutter. I have never heard of these...But they seem to...
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    DesignJet 3500CP / DesignJet 5000 UV For Sale

    I have a DesignJet 3500CP for sale. You can use it with the intended inks. Or you can use it with DesignJet 5000 UV inks. There is an ink company that makes a little kit that makes it run the 5000 inks. It has been in storage for 2 Years and comes with a bunch of sizes of paper "take-up"...
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    Is $17 -$21.50 Really Not Enough ? Hiring Advice

    With 18 years in the business, I am stuck in a new problem. We need to hire an additional Graphic Designer. The resumes and work samples we receive are not as good as our current teams work. But, we decided to pick the best of what we got. We cant even get "Poor Quality" designers to work for...
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    Akuafoil : Best CMYK Values to match Foil Stamping "Gold"

    Just wondering if anyone knows the best CMYK values for Akuafoil process to get the same color or similar look of the regular GOLD foiling process. I know the color before the Akuafoil will be a sort of deeper yellow, but reaaly would like the advice , as I only have one shot at this. Thank you...

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