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    Formula values for the Pantone 4044

    Do you have a Pantone Connect account?
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    Are Some PMS Colors Easier To Hit Than Others?

    I had the same questions as Steve. Also, Adobe Illustrator may not be the best source for PANTONE Recipes. You may want to check out Dan Gillespie's blog on WhatTheyThink... Adobe and Pantone to Part Ways; What You Gonna Do?. But also for clarification Pantone isn't meant to be a formula...
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    Color Management/Workflow Questions

    You had asked about G7 with CPS, but only running v4.9.0.21. I don't think G7 module was released until v5.1. You might look at getting on SMSA to get the latest version.
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    Color Management/Workflow Questions

    “The CMYK ICC profile that we will use is ISO Coated v2, since we will be printing on a coated stock.” Where are you located? In the US?
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    G 7 certification

    Are you familiar with SCCA? In order to pass G7 Colorspace GRACoL, you do need to hit the tolerances as defined by the specification for GRACoL. However, G7 does allow you to apply Substrate Corrected Color Aims. What this does is re-adjusts the aims for Solids and Colors based on the white...

What About Profitability?

What about Profitability?
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