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    Quiet Imposing Combine Automation Sequences

    I have several Quite Imposing automation sequences that I would like to combine into one sequence but I can’t seem to figure out if this is possible. I would like to be able to combine them instead of recreating each of them but want to retain the original individual sequences. Is this possible?
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    Xerox Class Action Filed for Drum/Toner

    The entire Class Action filing is linked in this brief article. If you're problems have not been resolved for your Versant press you should read over the entire filing. This brief sure seems to align with all the complaints by many on this site, including myself. Hopefully Xerox steps up and...
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    Xerox Production Ready Booklet Maker Slow?

    I have a Xerox 280 with the production ready booklet maker and the productivity is running at 50% of rated engine speed. This is not with mixed media a simple 8 page newsletter, self cover with uncoated 90gsm stock will run 11 duplex sheets per minute. The rated speed is 22 (11x17/A3) duplex...

What About Profitability?

What about Profitability?
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