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    Flood Coverage on Uncoated Sheet Protection

    Have done several runs of a flood back business card. The client must be noticing rub when keeping them in a wallet as they are now requesting Dull Aqueous flood over the back. Do they really think small offset printers have Dull Aqueous capability? After several long deep sighs I mentally...
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    Unibind Steelbooks

    Anyone have much to say pro or con for Unibind Steelbooks? We dabbled in it many years ago but the customer service was not able to satisfy real-world needs. I occasionally take in an order for a few books. A client wants 300 books. The sample they brought with them appears to be a Unibind...
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    Wrong color - Manage, Profile or Cal?

    Bizhub C6000 IC-413 Embedded Controller All the Fiery extra's - Colorwise Pro Tools, Profiler, Productivity Package, etc. I've noticed light grays output are objectionably yellow, far from neutral, far from wysiwyg. (values 7-7-7-7) This particular job I've cranked the yellow curve waaay down...
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    Pantone 7708 Formula

    I've been asked to print (wedding) invites for another shop, Pantone 7708. I informed them my (old) book does not include that color, that I would eyeball the ink density/color and that they would be responsible for providing either the ink or a formula. Their reply - "Pantone 7708C...
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    Recolor Black to Blue

    Legacy artwork I'd prefer to go digital with. A Black & white pdf (scan) previously plated, now RIP'd to Fiery With Fiery Image Viewer, I have only black can I re-color this? I could PS it, but trying to keep it (more) simple. What is your workflow for previously setup legacy black & white...
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    Do you Wash Up your UV Coater?

    Not the kind of thing I expect people want to admit to...self included, but We purchased a TEC Lighting stand alone, hand fed coater and use it on demand; frequently 20-50 pieces, occasionally several hundred. Perhaps three jobs one day, three days shut down. I'll admit to being remis about...
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    Rich Blacks to Pure Black

    I've been corresponding with someone met via forums similair to this one and have gone beyond my expertise. Effectivly it started as a band-aid approach to where - The person assembles a larger (book) document from supplied (pdf) files. The normal scenerio applies. Some files are poorly...
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    Fiery Impose

    Fiery Impose for a bleeding BCD on 9 x 12 is making my head ache... Anyone using it sucessfully?
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    Apply Profile Acrobat > Fiery

    I am trying to match a sample; situation - A local shop has produced a letterhead on Bizhub 6501. The rep for the end user has provided us pdf file. I have produced a sample on my Bizhub 5500. The file uses a gradient, yellow which starts at 0,3,13,0. All my colors are spot on to the sample...
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    Recommended pdf options for Fiery RIP/Bizhub 5500 from Photoshop

    Does anybody have any insight as to a best pdf joboption for going to a Fiery RIP/Bizhub Pro c5500? Tomorrow a customer will be bringing in a 32 page book file created in Photoshop. To my understanding, a Photoshop PDF will mainting live type, which I think will keep the file size at best. But...
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    Plating fine strokes, Vert & Horz - LPI Degrees, Frequency

    Whilst I ponder wasting some plates - I could use some techy help. A 3x5 pocket card, for sketching, is composed of a graph, off the press, the lines appear uneven. I had a 50/50 chance this would happen. I set strokes, .5pt, 20% tint (black) Stepped at .10487 inch (near as I can tell. To...
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    Rapline Processor Scratching Media

    Shamefully, I'll admit it...I may go months without cleaning my Rapline 17 processor. We process 5 mil poly plate material. I have noticed, after cleaning with warm water & processor cleaner over the years, that scratches could be seen after cleaning. Depending on the press they went to, the...
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    Accuset 1000 Plus

    This machine manual leads me to believe, but I have been unsuccessful, at installing via TCP/IP without Appletalk. Hardware RIP, nothing external. Is this possible? The inputs for the machine (I have two identicle) are Imagesetter, Ethernet, Centronics, RS232C & Local Talk. I have enabled TCP/IP...

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