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    Heidleberg pictograph

    Hello all, Might anyone know what this pictograph means. Our Pressman are great but this popped up on our machine and they do not know what it means. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh should mention this is on a Heidelberg speedmaster. Thanks in advance, SK
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    Supply Chain Issues

    Hello all, I am surprised that there are not more discussions about the supply chain issues, that I believe we are all seeing. I work for a printer on the West Coast and cannot comprehend how scares paper and other products are. Almost every day when we place orders we are having to switch...
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    Fiery XF - Color Tools Question

    Wondering if someone could point me in the right direction. I am looking to check to see what my ink limit and light to dark ink transions are set to on a profile built using Color Tools for a grand format UV ink printer. I cannot for the life of me remember how to get to this info. Any help...
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    Victim of the Covid-19 slowdown

    Hello all, Well, recently I have been hit with a layoff due to the Covid-19 slowdown. I am a print professional who specializes in all aspects of Large Format Screen and Digital Printing but have knowledge of various other printing methods. Most recently, I was the Director of Large Format...
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    ICC and Kodak Nexpress

    I was recently told that one cannot build a media specific ICC profile for use on a Kodak Nexpress, is this true? Thanks in advance, SK
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    Gerber Sabre & Die making

    Hello, We use a Gerber Sabre routing table to route our die board. We are having an issue where sometimes scores and cuts are off by a little. We are a very picky shop. We think the issue is due to the rotation of the tool head. We use an up cut bit and ( I may have this backwards ) when...
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    Adhesive build up on Guillotine blade

    Hello all, We are running a job that is printed on pressure sensitive vinyl. When we cut it on our Guillotine cutter, after a couple of lifts, we get a large amount of adhesive build up on the front and back of the blade. Anyone have the silver bullet for this? Thanks in advance, SK
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    Screen Printing UV coatings

    Hello all, Looking for some help, we are new to screen printing UV coatings and we are seeing an issue, at first we thought it was fisheye. But at closer look, it appears that our ink has tiny bubbles in it (I hear the song too), when you look in the 55 gallon drum you can see them. We...
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    UV ink print head cleaning

    Hello, Recently we had Vutek out when we were having some nozzles dropping out. They had a cleaner that they attached to the machine and it put the jet wash through heads. Have any of you purchased that type of machine, would you recommend? I was at SGIA and someone recommend this machine...
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    Anyone Attending SGIA?

    If you are, is there anything specific you are looking to see?
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    Inline Offset Cutting

    Hello all, Does anyone have any experience with this type of die cutting on their litho press? Do you think this might work for kissing cutting stickers. I am wondering if this is a viable option or is it just a unicorn. Thanks SK
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    Kodak Nexpress and Lamination

    We have a Kodak Nexpress, often times we laminate the product that comes off the machine. Our buyout vendor uses a thermal lam and in the past week we have had issues with delamination, it was on heavy coverage. It has been proposed that we should run the sheets that come off the Nexpress down...
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    PDF color differences Illustrator vs Indesgin

    When we are outputting PDF's from CC 2017 we are getting different color results from Illustrator to Indesign, PDFs. We have checked all of the color settings in the two applications and they appear the same. Has anyone else experienced this. Thanks
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    Vutek GS3250lx pro or Vutek HS100 pro

    Thank you in advance for any info. I was wondering if anyone has any first hand experience with either of these machines? Looking for the good, the bad, or the ugly. SK
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    Stange color behavior

    Hello all, I was hoping for some fresh eyes on my problem. Recently I had some work done to our wide format UV printer where a lot of heads were changed. I re-profiled the machine using the built-in RIP tools and an X-rite IO. Our colors are coming out way too saturated in the mid tones and...
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    Head Strikes

    Hello all, What do you say to your operators when a head strike occurs, how do you handle it? On some of these machines, broken heads can get very pricey. Rick
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    Building a profile using A Fiery RIP on GS Vutek

    I think I posted this in the wrong forum earlier so I am trying again. Hello all, I recently built a profile using Fiery and the color manager tool on a Vutek GS printer. Everything went well except for at the end when I tried to make a test print with the new profile. When I went to output...
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    Building a profile with Fiery Vutek GS

    Hello all, I recently built a profile using Fiery and the color manager tool on a Vutek GS printer. Everything went well except for at the end when I tried to make a test print with the new profile. When I went to output the file the print button was greyed out and I was not able to print...
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    Flaar Reports

    Has anyone ever purchased a Flaar report, when evaluating equipment? Was there value added or did it just regurgitate the technical specifications of the brochure? Thanks in advance.
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    Profiling question Lab vs Spectral

    I was hoping someone could explain to me, or point me in the right direction to understanding the difference between taking spectral readings or LAB readings when building a profile. Also what advantage one has over the other.

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