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    ricoh spc840dn toner/imaging issue

    Hello All, Have a problem with our ricoh spc840dn just replaced the imaging units on C M Y color units and my yellow is now washed out/hardly printing. I did have a SC324-05 error initially but was able to clear after turning gears on side to agitate developer. Any help / suggestions on how to...
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    Possible new proofing wide format printer

    So as a backup to whether or not I can fix our epson 9880 the powers that be have seen fit for me to research other printers for proofing, just in case. Any reccomendations? Am proofing to "G7" standard, our rip is an EFI 3.1, yeah I know probably will need to upgrade that too. So printer...
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    looking for Service tech for epson 9880

    Hello All, I hope everyone is doing well after the holidays, I am in a little bit of a pickle. The epson 9880 large format printer that we use for our "contract proofs" has stopped working and am looking for a service tech in the Lafayette, Louisiana area. The printer does not print at all, not...
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    Preps 5.2 resize pages

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me, I am trying to repurpose a full sized book down to 72% and I thought that I could do this in Preps, am I incorrect? I have tried to modify my page by "set to" 72% but this does not seem to affect my imposition, pages still coming out 100%. If...

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