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    Stahl SBP40 Stacker with pressing unit- need help and or wiring schematic

    Hi group. To the point does anyone on here have one of these in their shop and if so would they have the wiring schematic for it? I am wanting to using this with an MBO folder and am not interested in buying a self control box because they are not cheap. If someone has done this and wants to...
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    1988 Polar EMC MON115 (45") with lift, jogger and more located in Central Virginia

    1988 Polar EMC MON115 (45") with lift, jogger and more located in Central Virginia I am starting to list my cutter that was in my Bindery business which was closed in June. Here are the details. 1988 EMC MON. Recently serviced by Polar Serviceman. Knife includes the following: Knife 3...
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    Looking for input on buying a good color Laser printer

    Hi all. I am in the market to replace my 1567 Infoprint Laser Printer. It has been a wonderful machine but it is fairly old and it needs some maintenance (belt, etc.) and I am not going to put the money into it. I would like to replace it with a similar machine. Color control I am not so much...
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    How do you stay in business with down time

    So I have been talking to Xerox. I am looking at some markets pertaining to Packaging and a Digital Box may be the solution. I have been reading threads for the last year and at the end of the day I would like to get a question answered if anyone wants to discuss it. How are you guys having...
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    Personal Guarantees on leasing equipment

    Hi all. This should creating some interesting conversation. What is your opinion on manufacturers wanting personal guarantees on equipment leasing these days? I am looking at a new market to get into and from the documentation I have read so far they are making sure that if I go swimming into...
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    We put a man on the moon but can't make an ink for Digital Duplicators that dry?

    The question is as simple as that. Why not? How come? What is the hold up? Where am I missing the picture? Are manufacturers afraid to correct this problem in fear that they would not make truck loads of money off of service calls? Just curious as to how many Vendors that sell these machines...
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    ended up with a risograph gr2750

    Hi all. I went to an auction and ended up with a Risograph GR2750. I googled it and it seems like interesting technology. Old and antiquated I suppose but are these things still getting used? The run speed seems pretty good and to me it would be an excellent candidate for simple line work like...
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    Any printing websites for equipment trading through the industry

    I have done some research and have not been able to locate this. Last winter I horse traded a folder for a presser stacker unit. The deal may have looked like the broker got the better end of the deal but I got rid of a machine that was giving me no ROI and have made great use of my new...
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    Need input on plate making avenues

    Well, the time has come for me to start putting some ink on paper. Hopefully what I am trying to accomplish will blend with my finishing abilities but only time will tell. I have a 2 color Hamada in great shape and the operator who ran it for 15 years helps me in production now so lets say that...
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    thinking of dropping a land line and cell phone only-opinions

    Hi all. Well, I am coming to the reality that everyone connects to me via cellphone/txt. or email. I am seriously considering dropping my landline. The few Printers I have talked to see where this will not hinder me at all? I am somewhat concerned as to how this will affect me growing my...
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    Late 80's MBO T-49 4/4 for sale

    I have one in my shop and it never gets used. Here is the skinny: Late 80's, updated pile height position sensor, reground rollers in parallel and 8 page rollers in excellent shape. Hang on Delivery in excellent shape. It has the outlet plug for a Gatefold and I can get you a sweet deal on a...
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    Are small offset presses just not used anymore

    Hi all. I look back over what I have seen in shops this year and the one thing I notice is the small offset presses are just not getting used. If you look on Ebay these things are just about being given away. Has the market gotten a point now where people lose money turning them on or is there...
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    Sell or Trade Lawson MPU42 cutter with updated electronics

    Here is the skinny. I purchased this knife from a one shift shop 2 years ago and it was a problem child. About 12,000.00 later with an upgrade on the electronics from Colter Peterson this is now a solid knife. My business model has changed and I do not need 3 knives. This also has a Microcut...
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    Looking to purchase a tabletop folder

    Hi all. The scenary in printing has changed and I am going to get rid of my MBO pilefed folder. A great machine but it collects too much dust. I am thinking about replacing it with a tabletop folder and it looks like there is some knowledge on here about them. I have run a Heidelberg T-34 and...
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    tired of brokering envelopes-is Xante the answer

    Hi all. The envelope seems to be the great barrier for the digital market. I have been brokering printing for the last 4 months since the Bindery side of my business has really fallen off and quite honestly I need a resolution for printing simple 2 color envelopes. I have tried to read as much...
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    New Trade Binder looking for an opportunity

    I have started a Trade Bindery shop in Richmond, Va. I am looking for a printer to partner up with to help them with overflow or special projects. Please contact me if you are interested and I will gladly give a list of references along with my credentials and capabilities...

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