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    Hand Crease Machine Reccomendations

    At my last job we had a Morgana DocuCreaser manual creaser, I see that Morgana discontinued this unit and are only selling a powered version. Does have an alternative recommendation? We need it primarily for laminated dust jackets. with paper being so unpredictable we're running on heavier than...
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    PDF Export Question for InDesign - Acrobat 10 & Later

    In our ongoing KM1 Drama the techs have made the following recommendation. Optimize the problem PDF's and use the setting "Make Compatible with: Acrobat 10 and Later" The challenge is to incorporate this into our workflow for all job. This option isn't available in Indesign or Distiller. It's...
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    Does the Konica KM1 have and "Adobe PDF Print Engine" Option?

    We've had a few jobs recently that are not printing correctly on the KM1. When we moved the jobs over to our Ricoh 9110 the issue persisted until we checked the "Adobe PDF Print Engine Preferred" box. Then the job printed fine. That little check box has bailed my butt out a lot over the years &...
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    Renaming a PDF page label with information on the page... Then extracting the page with that label for the name

    Sorry for the long title. We have a variety of documents that we want to separate out into individual pages. Each document is several thousand pages. Ideally here's what we'd like to do. 1 rename each page label with the folio name. The folios names are not consistent but, the placement on the...
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    Can you print a mirror image from Command Workstation 6.5 on the Ricoh 7110

    I searched the Fiery help files & mirror is supposed to be in the "Layout" tab, It's not showing as an option on our RIP. We have a VI job that needs to print wrong reading. We'll be outputting the PDF files from Fusion Pro. Thanks, Ray
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    Anyone else get a sketchy email from Meadows Publishing Solutions

    I got an email this morning. Subject: Variable Data Question Hello, Do you utilize InDesign or Acrobat for your variable data service offerings? Thank you, Mike That's the whole email. No company name or contact info. The email was from so, I went to site and saw they are...
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    Warehouse inventory management suggestions for Low volume.

    We're looking for a solution to handle a small amount of warehousing and shipping. The total number of products is less than 50. We'll receive between 50 and 100 orders a month. We need a solution that lets us pick the item and generate a packing list. The products are going to ship USPS media...
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    How do you achive your Fiery jobs

    We regularly archive our Fiery jobs on the Fiery server but, would like them to be backed up onto another device. We're currently trying to backup to a USB flash drive with limited success. When we archive large jobs 1GB+, the Fiery craps out. The flash drive is a 256gb USB 3.0 and the port is...
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    Printshop Mail PDF's printing differently then the original PDFs

    We're output a PDF From PS Mail version 7.2.7 and the images are noticeably more "contrasty" then the original PDF. Black areas are plugged and light colors are faded out. The original PDF prints fine. Any suggestion on how to adjust the output from PS mail to correct for this? Thanks Ray
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    Prinergy user crashing on a single user-computer

    We have a user who's account is crashing PW on one Mac. It works fine on other machines and other PW users can login using that Mac under all users. I don't think it's a Mac user account issue but, a Local PW issues. Anyone have a suggestion? TIA Ray
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    Trueflow 3.1 guidance - Trying to help a friend

    Hey all, A friend of a friend owns a small company where the Pre-press person left suddenly. Since they left they shop has been unable to get a plate out. I know they are using Trueflow 3.1 and printing to a Screen unit. As I understand it the Pre-Press person used to"polish" the PDF's, their...
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    AB-Dick DPM 2340 and Windows 64bit

    We have had a DPM for several years and it's been bulletproof. Because of this we put one in our new office in VA to replace an Itek 617 (Yes people still use them.) This location was an acquisition so I'm trying to set up the RIP along with my Tech and we're having a bear of a time. We...
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    Looking for software to emulate an oldschool Itek camera

    We've acquired a new business and have a customer whom supplies artwork every month pasted up on graph paper. The artwork is a collection of photos, inkjet prints, magazine photos and text. The project is monthly and is 20-36 pages. It finishes as an 8.5x11 Saddle Stitched booklet. The way it's...
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    11x17 Transparencies on the Canon 6010

    I print the occasional transparency for a local screen printer and I'm trying to help him out. Does anyone know of a workaround on the 6010 to run transparencies over 8.5x11. The machine will not let you select transparencies or labels on larger sizes. Ray
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    Guide to Buying New Digital Equipment

    I am not a purchasing expert of any sort but, I feel over the last 15 years I've been involved in a lot of equipment purchases, digital, offset, bindery etc. I feel that we've developed a system that is easily adaptable to any one in the industry. Since this is the digital forum I'll use that as...
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    Upgrading from the Bizhub 6500 Looking for opinions

    So we end our 4 year lease with our Bizhub 6500 in March and are getting ready for an upgrade, buying the machine does not make financial sense at this time. We are looking at the following machines. Bizhub 7000 Bizhub 8000 Canon 6010/7010VP Xerox 7002 The 6500 has been a good machine but I...
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    Integrating a digital workflow into Apogee

    Hi all, We are in the process of acquiring a traditional offset shop that is using apogee in there prepress. They are heavily invested in Apogee and we would like to use this as a way to streamline our workflow. I have 5 Digital copiers at 2 locations connected to our home office via VPN for...
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    Running Publisher in Parallels

    Has anyone tried this? I know no one like the program but, I do need it about once a week. Ray
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    Short Run Sratch off Foil Stamping

    I am looking for the best way to do foil stamping in sizes of 4X6 and smaller. I am looking for something pretty easy to setup, to get away from doing this on a platen press. Our primary application is scratch off and speed above 5m per hour would be preferable. Can some one point me in the...
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    Looking at a used Platerite 4100 System

    Hi all, We have the oppotuntiy to aquire A screen platerite 4100 with a kodak sword processor and Screen TF running on the Rip(Not sure what version I'll find out tomorrow). The size and speed of the system is fine (Our largest press is 19x25) Assuming the techs who check it out give us an...

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