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    The Small Printshop

    Don't forget he needs to be the IT manager, too!
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    Stumped trying to run numbered multi-page PDF on NCR

    Not only is it inexpensive, but it can create the PDF and repeat numbers for your NCR copies with ease! Pay them once you use it, you can't go wrong, good suggestion!
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    The Real Prepress Job

    You beat me to it! :ROFLMAO:
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    New GWG User Guide Clarifies PDF Standards

    Thanks for the update and the link!
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    Azura C95 – gum not pumping into processor

    Did you close the valve? That will cause the error.
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    Best envelope printer?

    Thanks for the response. I was looking for the user MacDaddy to respond to his recommendation for the iJet. He's recommending it, but I'm not sure if he has one or just read about it, or why he's recommending it. We're in the market for an envelope printer too. The print heads issues are giving...
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    Best envelope printer?

    MacDaddy: The OP mentions the iJet NXT as having mixed reviews, so I'd be interested in your take on that. We need another option besides our Oki 931; it's a frustrating piece of equipment that we have had for a few years, so we're looking at the iJet product line. Do you have an iJet?
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    Slip sheet jamming on exit in Magnus autoloader - FIXED!

    Hello everyone, We have a Magnus 800 with an autoloader that was jamming when trying to eject slip sheets: the slip sheets were wrapping around the roller. At first, it was every so often, then it turned into a chronic problem jamming every time. This was caused by the roller becoming sticky...
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    Gordo, you're letting everyone in on our secret!
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    HenKaku Arrives!

    Sounds promising. I'll be the first here: what about price?
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    US Patent Awarded for Automated Job Estimating

    Thanks for the info. At quick glance the system looks promising. I forwarded it to the owner here; our current system is less than great...
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    Asking for a Raise

    Ouch, that's brutal!
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    The Print Rebel

    I got an email that had a line at the end of it that said "Think twice before printing this email to save paper" (something like that). I didn't notice it at first, but when I printed the email the only thing that was on the second sheet of paper was the line about saving paper. The line about...
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    Plate Curves

    We apply a curve to make the plate linear (our plate/platesetter combo is almost linear right out of the machine), then apply a G7 curve to the individual CMYK plates. We have 3 presses, so 3 different G7 curves for the presses. That's it.
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    Anyone else use numbering software like Number Press or the like

    We use "Easy Numbering" V2.3, works well for us and was only $35 when we purchased it. I just looked it up and it's now $45 for version 3.3... still a good value.
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    Support Technician Needed—East Coast

    Hello chriscozi, it was nice talking to you, sorry I will not be able to help out. You may want to expand on what it is that you need help with. This is a one time service that you're looking to get help with. That may help you find someone that is willing to travel to your shop and help out. I...
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    Support Technician Needed—East Coast

    Hey chriscozi, is Rip technician position still available? I'm interested.
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    Epson 9800 "empty" ink cartridges

    Hey Duncan, I'm just using the ink that's left in the cartridges once the Epson says they are "empty". I saved them for a couple years and now I'm using the remaining ink. I break them open, cut the bladder and pour the ink into the refillable cartridges.
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    Epson 9800 "empty" ink cartridges

    Here's a tip to help save some money, and you get what you paid for in the first place. As a lot of you may have experienced, the Epson 9800 (maybe some of the other models too?) will say an ink cartridge is empty, but when you remove it there is ALWAYS ink remaining in the cartridge. For a few...
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    Agfa Azura rinse gum unit problems

    We have an Azura C125 rinse gum unit (processor) that is about 4 years old now and we're having a couple problems with it. First issue is that Agfa changed the chemistry of the TS Gum a while back and since then we're getting a thick blue sludge in our system that is a real hassle to deal...

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