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    Slip sheet jamming on exit in Magnus autoloader - FIXED!

    Hello everyone, We have a Magnus 800 with an autoloader that was jamming when trying to eject slip sheets: the slip sheets were wrapping around the roller. At first, it was every so often, then it turned into a chronic problem jamming every time. This was caused by the roller becoming sticky...
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    Epson 9800 "empty" ink cartridges

    Here's a tip to help save some money, and you get what you paid for in the first place. As a lot of you may have experienced, the Epson 9800 (maybe some of the other models too?) will say an ink cartridge is empty, but when you remove it there is ALWAYS ink remaining in the cartridge. For a few...
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    Agfa Azura rinse gum unit problems

    We have an Azura C125 rinse gum unit (processor) that is about 4 years old now and we're having a couple problems with it. First issue is that Agfa changed the chemistry of the TS Gum a while back and since then we're getting a thick blue sludge in our system that is a real hassle to deal...
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    Fuji Final proof material - 3 unopened, but expired boxes

    We have 3 rolls of transfer material from our Final Proof that we never used up for sale. 1 cyan, 1 magenta, and 1 black. Unopened boxes, but the date has expired. I don't know how well it keeps past its "Dev. Before" date, but I'll sell it all cheap. Make me an offer. Shipping from NJ. Thanks...
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    Kodak Magnus 800 air filter source needed

    Hello: We have a Kodak Magnus 800 that has an external air filter, part no. 57-8792D-B. Does anyone know where I can get one of these filters? I looked on the Kodak web site, but I couldn't find it; they may require a service agreement... I'm not sure. I don't need it yet, but we've had this...
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    X-rite ATSystem for sale

    We have an X-rite ATSystem for sale. This is a complete working system: scanning specto, handheld DTP22, PC with all the software, vacuum pump, software manual, and all cables and hoses. I have photos of the complete system. It is a used system, so there are some scratches and stains on the...
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    Printing Estimator in northern New Jersey

    We are looking to hire a full time Printing Estimator. Experienced only please. Sheet fed printer - digital to 40" presses Call 973-383-6362 or send resume to: vince(at)
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    Anyone using a SSD in thier Mac?

    I am considering getting an Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) for my Mac at work. Has anyone out there done this successfully and if so, do you have any recommendations? I have been doing some research on it, and it appears to be the bleeding edge of technology, so the info out there is sparse...
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    Value of an Epson 10600 that doesn't work

    We have an Epson 10600 that has sat on the floor, in our way, for about a year now. It needs service (not too sure of the exact problem, but I think the print heads need to be changed), service on one of these machines is not cheap, and we have an Epson 9800 that we bought to replace the 10600...
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    type reflow when pasting text box from one document to another

    Hello, I have a problem with a job that causes type to reflow when a text box is pasted from one Xpress document to another. The problem can be repeated by just selecting the text box then doing a copy and pasting the text box in another document. The text box is the same size, the fonts...
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    SpinJet Work and Tumble queue

    We just bought a used SpinJet and I've set up a queue for w/tumble, but the output keeps coming out wrong, the back is rotated. According to the brief reference to w/tumble in the manual it says that w/tumble should not be a "same data"queue, which doesn't make since because it should be, just...
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    Looking for Spinjet manuals

    We just bought a used SpinJet 1000 from a printer who went out of business and the equipment didn't include any manuals or disks. I can mirror the drive for backup, but the software doesn't included any help files or PDFs on the drive, and I can't find anything on the TechSage website, so I was...
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    Plastic frames for posters

    Hello all, I went to Graph Expo a few years back and there was a company that made plastic frame material for poster board in all different colors and sizes and a machine that cuts the material to size as well. I don't have their info any more and can't find them with any searches I do. Does...
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    Low res output from Quark 7 to Nexus workflow

    Hello everyone, Is anyone out there having problems placing links created in Nexus into a Quark 7 document then printing back into a Nexus workflow and then getting low resolution output? We place the links in Quark to output to our Final Proof and Epson. We are currently do this in Quark 6...
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    plate readings and tolerances

    Hello everyone, My question is: What are your tolerances for plate readings? We output a step wedge on all plates and measure every plate, charting the readings for reference. We have a Fuji Saber using the new LP-NV2 plates. Obviously some jobs are more critical than others, so we aren't...
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    distilled water

    I see that some people are using distilled water in their processors. Why would you use distilled water instead of tap water? Just wondering, maybe we could benefit from that too. We have a Fuji Saber plate system. Thanks for your input.

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