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    Fonts in "safety" area

    We create files with a Media size of 8.75 x 11.25. Green Lines Trim size is 8.5 x 11 with a .125 Bleed all around. (8.75 x 11.25) Blue Lines We set the Art box .25 smaller than Trim Box for our “text safety” area. Red Lines Is there an action or check to see if there is any text falling in the...
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    Splitting even paged PDFs in half saved as two files

    We get high page count PDFs (2400 pages as an example) that we have to save out as two PDFs, First PDF would contain pages 1-1200 and a second PDF containing pages 1201 -2400. I know there is an Acrobat tool under Organize Pages > Split that allows you to do this but you must enter an actual...
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    Acrobat Rotation Key

    Is it possible to rotate pages in Acrobat but also resetting the rotation key without using Enfocus Pitstop? So no matter how the pages are rotated in the document the rotation key is always set to 0 degrees. Thanks for any help.
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    Cant see Guide Lines while adding to PDF

    What happened to the guide lines while adding to a PDF. I see them after releasing the mouse but that's not very accurate. Also there used to be an "indicator" in the ruler area in which I could see where the guides would be placed which is also bye-bye. Bummer, I guessed not fixed with the last...
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    Adobe fix causing Action List Editor issues.

    Since installing the new "fix" (2021.0.3.0) I can't drag actions in the Action List Editor. I can use the arrows to move items up and down but once in a group I can't move them out of the group.
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    Line Segments_Can they be joined into a single Line segment?

    I created an action in which I copied a line segment (Add Copied Graphics) and used the step and repeat function to create a solid line from the left side of a page to the right side of the page based on the trim box. Made it a spot color and put it on it's own layer. Now what I would like to do...
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    Did Adobe Acrobat PC (32 bit) change the Extract Dialogue box?

    Did Adobe Acrobat Pro PC (32-bit) change the Extract Dialogue box? The supplied screen shot is unfortunately from a Mac from home and not my PC at work, with the latest version of Acrobat 2021.007.20091. It has a "From" and a "To" box to enter the page numbers. Now on the PC version after...
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    Add Objects. Any option for perforated lines?

    Add Objects has options to add lines but I see no option for perforated lines. Is it an option or part of another action? Thanks. I’ve been adding art files for the perf line.
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    Is there a Non-Printing Layers Preflight?

    I see a preflight to let you know there are layers but is there one that shows just the layers turned off? What’s happening is looking at a PDF with the layers view I see some layers that were turned off in a page making application and when viewing in Acrobat DC all is good until I go to RIP...
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    Can't reverse page order in an action?

    I am taking a 4 pg 8.5x11 document (pg1-FC, pg2-IFC, pg3-IBC, pg4-BC) and creating a 2 page saddle stitch cover spread with marks as my final to press on 19 x 13 media. First I resize pages 1 & 3 to 17 x 11. I can manually copy and paste page 2 into page 3 and then page 4 into page 1. Now I have...
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    Groups out of order when Import > Import Group

    I have about 100 Groups in Pitstop with quite a few actions saved within each group. My sets are made up of all the different publishers and their specific actions regarding page sizes, preflight requirements, etc. Every time I add a client and it's particular actions I Export the collection of...
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    Preflight checks, is this possible?

    Hello, Here's my situation, and long request. I'm running Pitstop Pro 2019 on my work computer with the desire to implement my Preflight Profile to our Pitstop Server v19. I'm working from home with PS Pro v2020. I'm looking for a preflight profile with all these checks: Lo-Res RGB Fonts...
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    Selection Resizing

    Hello folks. I was wondering if there is a way to make a selection on a page and just increase/decrease that selection. Not the whole page. I set up an action that I thought would select an area (which it does) but it won't change the sizeof the selection. Thanks, CruzinCooler
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    Pitstop Actions wont unlock

    Hello all, I currently have about 150 or so actions I created and I password protect all of them so I can't change them without first duplicating the action and than renaming and changing it to a new configuration. I really don't like the idea of changing an action and not being asked to save...
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    Pitstop 9 Acrobat 9 - Moving Text on top and bottom too close to edge.

    Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to create an action just to move text that is about an 1/8" from the top and bottom (and sides) of pages to 1/4" from the sides and top & bottom? I am only able to move the text all one way or the other. Meaning all text to the left an 1'8" and either...
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    Pitstop 10 add a specific page page. Can Pitstop 8 ?

    Hello everyone, I was using Acrobat v.9 & Pitstop 10 at my previous job. I am now newly employed but using Acrobat 8.3.1 & Pitstop v.8 Update 6 on a Mac OSX 10.5.8. My dilemma is I used an action that allowed me to insert a user specific 2-page pdf (from my desktop) to my working pdf. Now that...

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