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    Xerox Versant 180 versus 180i

    Canada is introducing the Versant 280 but though it advertises 400 GSM it is still a Friction Feed large capacity tray. What is the chance of buying with the Manual sheet feeder only and adding the High Capacity Vacuum Feed when they finally get around to selling the Vacuum Feed High Capacity...
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    Xerox Versant 280 versus Ricoh Pro C5310 versus Canon C710 or C810

    I am looking at these 3 brands, it seems Konica Minolta is not offered in my area Dawson Creek and Fort St. John BC Canada, well the Canon dealer theoreticly does but has the Canon C710's in service. Our Current unit is a Xerox 700i with Xerox FreeFlow and a separate Black Xerox 4110, and the...
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    BMP 350 square back booklet maker also sold as BM 35 square back booklet maker

    Has anyone bought one of these to see if they can get their volume up to buy a industrial solution like a Plockmatic I can be reached off line at if you prefer to discuss...
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    The end of negative film?

    After contacting a printer list for Fuji's phone number (because Fuji doesn't list phone numbers on their website and yellow pages directs to a 10 year old number), I contacted Fuji regarding purchase of negative film for our Extraa Setter ran with a Ripit software imagesetter as we recently put...
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    Automated Blanket Cleaner wash for Heidelberg DI

    I have been using Varn Pronto in the automated blanket washers of my Heidelberg DI as that was the recommendation of the Presstek installer several years ago. I don't think this is a water miscible product and was thinking something mixed with a bit of water might do a better job of removing...
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    Recommend Hardware for RIP - Caldera vs Onyx

    We ordered a HP 260 Latex and a separate cutter. Caldera appears to be a 64 bit RIP so looks like it should use all RAM for system, however what is recommended vs minimum configuration on their site? Does one use the RIP for viewing files or use their workstation and remote in? If using RIP...
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    adobe pdf print engine rip, (APPE) and opentype fonts

    We can drop PDF files to the RIP, but as Open Type Fonts and Truetype fonts are not downloadable to Rip the job won't print if missing a Font. It appears only Adobe PS fonts are downloadable according to the manual. Its enogh to make me wish Harlequin made RIPs for copiers as it seems like a...
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    Canon PCL 64 bit Driver error regards overwriting Overlay files

    In order to create a overlay file on our Canon IR6000 for variable data with Windows7 64 bit PCL driver, if we want to use the same name we must first delete the old file as it does not overwrite it . With Windows XP 32 bit print driver and Windows 7 32 bit print driver it will overwrite...
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    AB Dick 385 gripper adjustment anyone

    We have a 385 AB Dick for the occasional large form. Trying to print a 14.25x22 form on 2 part NCR brand and the white CB sheet misses the gripper or bounces out. I 1st tried using 17x22 NCR but as this is cross grain for the press I thought that might be the problem. I therefore ordered in a...
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    Lawsuits on Ikon Konica/Minolta CPP500 or C500 Internal Fiery or 8050?

    1.) When you received your Ikon Konica/Minolta CPP500 or C500 did it include updates (patches) to be calibrated for glossy toner? 1-GJDLN Server patch and profiles to be used ONLY on newer 50 PPM engine (this engine uses new toners. It is called the "C500 bizhub" by KM, CPP500 by IKON). This...

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