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    More Reasons For Paper Shortages

    Same. I'm not hoarding, just trying to make sure we have what we need on hand. We saw a little increase for the primaries but I'm really dreading election season later in the year. Cover stock is already hard to get a hold of.
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    FusionPro vs Freeform Create...

    I think it really depends on what kind of variable work you're doing. FP is very powerful, but could be overkill if all you're using it for is simple addressing or letters with a salutation. If your workflow already relies pretty heavily on Fiery, the FreeForm may be the okay option. Personally...
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    Ijetcolor NXT Supplies

    Once again, I'll say, look at your options. I get our printheads and ink from Mailpost Systems. Ink Supplies, Postage Meters, Mailing Machines, Envelope Printers Ink looks to be a bit more than Printware, but printheads are $647. There could be other vendors out there, this is just who I found...
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    Automatic Laminator and Trimmer

    We purchased a GraphicWhizard PT 33LSC in 2020 and have had great results with it. The need for proprietary rolls is a little bit of a downer. Honestly, our main use for it is 1-sided Laminated book covers. It keeps the sheets really flat.
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    Successful EAL / Switch from envelope converter to JET?

    Yeah, I would duplicate the pages, crop to the size you need, then get rid of all objects outside of crop box. That way not only will you only have the objects needed when you rotate, there's also not a bunch of extra junk in your print file. We've had issues where our envelope printers ignore...
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    Opinions on Digital Die-Cutters

    We don't do boxes. Maybe it would help to have that functionality if we're trying to pull in work from other shops but it's not high on the priority list. Most of what we currently outsource are Parking Hangtags / Door Hangers and labels for Gallon paint cans. Stickers and Labels have usually...
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    Opinions on Digital Die-Cutters

    Why is that what I need? Why is a flat bed better than a rotary cutter?
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    Opinions on Digital Die-Cutters

    We've done both stickers and diecuts. Probably nothing thicker than what we can print on (16pt Cover)
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    Opinions on Digital Die-Cutters

    Selling is a possibility but I'm pretty sure their equipment is ancient and then we'd have to figure out how to maintain and operate it. When I said digital, I guess I was meaning something that could feed a "digital" sized sheet like 12x18 or 13x19. A rotary die-cutter, like the UD-310, is...
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    Opinions on Digital Die-Cutters

    My shop usually outsources most of our die-cutting to a specialty place in town but we fear that due to health concerns, their owner might close up shop in the near future. We've looked a die cutters in the past but never felt them to be something we needed. Being a digital shop, the largest...
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    Printing on Removable Vinyl on Ricoh 7200

    Yeah, just depends on brand, I guess. Like I said, the 2 stocks we've run have worked without an issue and those are a 4mil and a 3.4mil.
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    Printing on Removable Vinyl on Ricoh 7200

    We've used products from Kernow and Spinnaker Coatings and both have worked great on both our 9110s and 7210. KernowPrint White Vinyl w/Removable Adh - Paper Liner (4mil) - 12x18 (Product Code P62-73) Spinnaker - Matte White Digital Vinyl ** SR98UR Ultra-Removable ** 80# Scored - 12x18 (Product...
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    Fonts in "safety" area

    All I can see is a check to see if there are objects outside of a page box. Doesn't seem to be a designation for just text. There should be though. Would be handy.
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    Looking adhesive vinyl supplier for fish tank background

    Are you looking to buy blank stock or pre-printed decals? Not sure where you're located but Kernow makes a Marine Grade Adhesive Polyester. My paper rep literally handed me a Kernow brochure yesterday and for some reason pointed that stock out to me. Still have the brochure on my desk.
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    Paper Shortage

    That sucks. We've been allowed to do that for certain things with one of our distributors. Really just depends on what mill it's coming from as some mills have placed the distributors on a moratorium. As the paper buyer for our shop, It's really been driving me crazy. We just lost out on a...
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    Ricoh 9200 SC 348-02

    I don't have a 9200, but the 9110 service manual says that's a "Toner supply error (C)". Here's the description: Not sure if it's the same code on the 9200 but it's possible.
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    Best envelope printer?

    The iJetcolor NXT uses Memjet heads and we've had alot of issues keeping quality consistant on ours. We've had a Rena Mach5 for years that uses the same printheads and haven't had nearly the amount of issues that the NXT gives us. I'm not sure if it's just an issue with how those newer models...
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    Ricoh or Konica

    We've run a lot of BW jobs on our 7210 and 9110's without any issues switching back and forth. It's even really good at switching within a print job. FWIW, I have noticed that the gloss level of the toner is higher on the 7210 than our 9110, which may or may not matter to you.
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    Ricoh consumable shortages?

    Yeah I came across the same thing earlier today. 8320 toner seemed to be back in stock though.

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