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    Offset to Large Format prepress transitioning

    Hello all, I recently transitioned from 25 years in offset prepress to large format prepress and I found it very challenging . One of the big challenges was adapting to the variances in project sizes, which are so inconsistent and all over the place compared to offset where page sizes are pretty...
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    So How many prepress technicians got laid off because of Covid-19

    Got laid off in April, over 55, not looking good at this point. Many companies used this crisis as an excuse to "go lean" or "restructure". I realize a lot of work has dried up but the government bailouts were supposed to prevent layoffs. Some companies took the bailout and laid off workers anyway.
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    Over 50 unemployed Prepress Tech, should I call it quits for printing?

    Hello all, I was laid off 6 months ago, I have been a prepress technician for most of my career. My company moved, restructured than laid myself, along with other long time employees off. I was with the company for 13 years, was paid well above scale for a prepress tech and that I believe is the...
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    Prepress Retoucher Available

    Hello, My name is Bill, and I’m a high end retoucher and I’m looking for some freelance image work in the area. (Or full time work). I can retouch and color correct your images for you, and do image compositing. I can do virtually anything you need done to your images with quick turnaround...
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    Prepress Technician need job

    Experienced prepress tech looking for job in the Chicago area. Prinergy workflow, Metrix imposition, Fuji Javelin platesetter. Strong on Photoshop, retouching, color corrections. Resume attached
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    Anyone transitioned from prepress to web design

    I've been in prepress over 20 years. My specialty is Photoshop, however I do all the prepress duities also, from file prep to platmaking. Would like to transition out of printing and go into web design/flash animation. Was wondering if anyone had made that transition and what skills carried...

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What about Profitability?
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