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  1. J

    Xerox Service Manuals

    Does anybody have or know where to get service manuals for a xerox versant 2100 and xerox d125? I'm willing to pay for them.
  2. J

    Fiery EX print server for Xerox D125

    I have 3 Xerox D125's and am looking for Fiery's for all 3 of them.
  3. J

    Duplo 150 bookletmaker

    Does anybody have a Duplo 150 booklet maker with the 2200 sheet feeder? I'm trying to decide between that and a 600. By the specs the 150 should do what we need but I'm worried that it's too low end. We do about 10,000 books per month. Currently we have a plockmatic on one of our digital...
  4. J

    Shopping for service on a new press

    So we are shopping for a new press. Looking at all the big guys: Xerox, Konica, Ricoh, Canon, Kodak. I feel like I can do a fairly good job comparing and testing the equipment to determine what best fits us. The problem is service. We all know that the service you get on your machine plays as...
  5. J

    Post Office Marking

    How do you guys deal with customers that don't understand you can't control how the post office handles mail? We have a customer that is ready to drop us because we can't make every piece of mail show up 100% perfect. We are UV coating both sides, even double coating some. They really look good...
  6. J

    UV Coater: TecLighting vs Duplo

    I am currently looking at either a Duplo Ultra 200A UV coater and a Teclighting Trucoat 21 inch. Right now both companies are having trouble finding a machine for me to look at the demo so I'm basically going off their websites, spec sheets, videos, the sale reps, and any reviews I can find. The...
  7. J

    Aqueous for Digital

    Does anybody know of any equipment to do aqueous coating on digital? I have a customer that is insisting we aqueous coat all their mailings. I tried to talk them into UV but they want nothing to do with it and are insisting on aqueous.
  8. J

    scuffing/toner melting while mailing

    We've had a lot of problems with postcards we mail for customers getting destroyed in the mail. We use primarily Ricoh equipment but from the testing I've done it doesn't seem to matter. Some will just be small scuffs but through testing and talks with the post office we are finding a lot of it...
  9. J

    Udirect vs DesignMerge

    Does anybody have any experience using both of these two programs and can recommend one or the other. I've been able to find much more information on Udirect then DesignMerge. I have used Udirect a little 4 -5 years ago but don't know what has changed since. On XM Pie's website it lists for...
  10. J

    Challenge Titan 200 blade stuck

    Hi, I just bought a used challenge titan 200. It was working good when I bought it but now after having it shipped and getting it hooked up at my location the blade gets stuck on its way down. It comes down about and inch and then seems like it hits something and won't come down any further...
  11. J

    Konica Minolta c65hc

    I have been trying to pick a new printer for a couple months now and everybody on the forum has been very helpful. I almost signed for a Xerox 700 a week ago, but then I started looking at the KM c6501 again and now I'm completely undecided between the two. After looking at the c6501 I started...
  12. J

    Global Imaging Dealers

    I am currently looking a purchasing a Xerox 700. I have been offered what I think is good price and a good click rate from a Global Imaging dealer which of corse is owned by Xerox. My question is what are the disadvantages or what should I look out for purchasing from a Global Imaging dealer...
  13. J

    Xerox 700 service pricing

    I was wondering what service and supply pricing other people are getting on a Xerox 700. I was just offered $0.035 for color. That seems really low to me.
  14. J

    Richo Pro C550EX and C700EX

    I'm new to these forums but have found a lot of useful information but nothing on the new Ricoh machines (c550ex and c700ex). My company is a small print shop. We are looking to upgrade our slowly dying canon c3200 that we have had for 5 - 6 years. We had purchased this from Ikon and now that...

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