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    Canva Files

    and worse than Canva there's now Bluebeam Revu to contend with and they are appauling.
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    Wide format RIP suggestions for home use?

    Mirage from Dinax, no monthly subs, supports OSX from 10.9.5 upwards, have a peek on youtube lots of videos.
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    (Another) RIP question, which for OSX?

    We have just got a new printer, Epson Sure Color P9000, and so begins the onslaught of upgrades and costs for such, RIP O/S etc. It hasn't been as painful as I envisaged, managed to find a RIP that didn't cost every month, currently using the trial but for the money it's great, there is a Canon...
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    Canva Files

    I've had quite a few and they are terrible, fonts are not embedded, bleeds and crops are you joking.
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    outline autotrace

    Apart from Illustrator Coreldraw has it's own tracing applet.
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    Basic Imposition Software

    I've mainly used Quite Imposing for years now, occasionally use Impose on the fiery because our dongle is still working, in the last year or two have used Imposition Studio and Bookmaker by Devalipi Software, the trails have limited use! also there is an old version (3.8) if you can find it...

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What about Profitability?
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