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    How do you Laminate Book Covers? Same thing.
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    How do you Laminate Book Covers? See this
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    Automatic Laminator and Trimmer See the product
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    Considering a GW 8336 SCC

    Hi solve the perf not deep in the middle we have three solution. 1.adjust the crease depth at hardware screw inside the machine under crease the middle the perf bar and find the perf saw.insert sth like metal washer or paper on top of the middle of the saw and screw...
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    Duplo 615 perforating?

    Graphic wizard scc has perf option at both dims.cross perf bar and linear perf wheel.12 24 52 tpi for both.
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    Duplo 618 newbie

    It is a typical shrinking/strentch problem which is casued by inaccordance of printer and finisher. It request the machine equip a function to do the compensation . In one world, the perfect Cutting result need printer and finisher to be perfect OR to be the same imperfect. If it is not...
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    Basic creaser?

    Hi BCR, Albyco is a Belgium dealer so i guess you are from Belgium where Graphic whizard has no dealer. However, their supplier has a dealer located UK supply similar product as following: And the product crajos mentioned above PT331SCC are...
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    Basic creaser?
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    Duplo DC 545 or similar?

    For the book cover job, I dont think you need to buy a Slit Cut Creaser, Auto creaser is enough, becasue anyway , you have to do the 3 side trim. Graphic whizard PT335A Plus Multi or PT335B Multi is a right solution for you. It is faster than Duplo and high capacity than Morgana, if you want an...
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    Creasing 350gsm on a Morgana Docufold Pro?

    350gsm paper definitely need crease before fold, There are 4 main Crease folder players globally except Morgana, you can choose Graphic whizard, Horizon, Multigraf, But if you need perforation, Morgana is not the best advice for you , Morgana can do only linear perforation, Horizon can do only...
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    Standalone Creaser or Creaser/Slitter/Cutter

    Hi Craig thank you for your support.the number 2 million and 3 million is nice mark of it. After such a working amount you need a good maintenance. For the problem of perf it is true it happened but it is not a unsolvable adjusting the depth you can ensure both center and middle can...
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    Standalone Creaser or Creaser/Slitter/Cutter

    Hi.Graphicwhizard supplier has a dealer located in UK who can help you.pls contact Bruce Cozens Export Director Mobile: +44 (0) 7989 434740 Vivid Laminating Technologies Ltd t: +44 (0) 1530 510946 | f: +44 (0) 1530 510979 | Skype: bruce.cozens.vividlaminating They call it MCC-35ASPP

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