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    A.B.Dick 360 Feed Table FROZEN!!

    Tanks, The table is binding. Look at it carefully and determine where the bind is. Is the table slightly crooked? It must be wedged against something. You can loosen the op side table guide to get a little more free space. There are just 2 bolts inside. This is just a straight shaft with 2...
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    A.B.Dick 360 Feed Table FROZEN!!

    Tanksalot, The table came up past the limit on the side of the table. Take of the side cover for the main press and the little feeder cover on the opside. There are 2 gears one on the feed table crank and one to left. There is also a small pawl that ratchets the table up, make sure THAT is NOT...
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    A good reason to call Kodak a bunch of criminals

    Guys, Wake up! When you buy a proprietary machine they will stick it to you unless you have a service contract. Not only with toner based machines. Look at Presswreck they do the same thing to customers. Imagine you buy a new car and the salesman never mentions you MUST USE OUR FUEL or you will...
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    Do I legally need to continue rag service?

    Adub, It is simple. Call your rag supplier and explain to him your situation and if he is any kind of a good business person he will help you to lower your costs. I am sure he needs your business as much as you need to lower your costs. If you wish to dust the office by all means use those shop...
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    Heidelberg & Komori pass on Graph Expo 2010; KBA, manroland and Presstek to exhibit

    I applaud Heidelberg for not going to graph expo. Komari also. These companies have nothing to prove they are the best of the best. They seem to care about their employees and rather than lay people off like Presswreck did they will not show at GPX 2010. A Consumable burning engine company is...
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    Ryobi question

    PrintMadd, Glad to hear from you. I know of a few 3302C’s installed in the past few months. I know you are on the cutting edge of machine equipment but some printers still use the 3300 series. I am just trying to help users with problems the best I can. I wish you the best of success with the...
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    Ryobi question

    i wonder if the pressmans hair stands up high with that much static, Here is a PDF that will help
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    Recommended Duty Cycle: 150,000 prints per month maximum (industry standard letter/ A4 at 5% coverage)
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    Ryobi question

    I agree with Jimbo. Static is the issue and the Ryobi series seems more prone to that issue. Even the almighty DI has static issues from time to time. I recommend this: Clean the belts both the tops and bottoms with warm water on a soft cloth and you will be amazed at the difference. Also an...
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    Lay offs at Hiedelberg

    Times are tough. A few months back even Presstek laid more people off. I guess being a smaller part of the market no one hears about things like this. OG
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    Ryobi question

    ReyHub, I have 3302's both the M and H etc that run coated stock all day. What problem are you having? Proper set up is important and a few other factors also. What weight stock are you asking about? OG
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    Cory, where's my weekly RePrint?

    Does this count? Does this count? I was looking for a manual to repair my AB Dick Press and I found this:
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    AB Dick 9970 will not clean the ink!

    9970 9970 What a great press and a real money maker. Your question depends on what type of plates you run and also the water system you have. The 9970 came with a Super Auqamatic or the Kompac water system. One requires alcohol for good performance while the Kompac does not. Have you checked...
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    Ink/Water Balance

    AB Dick AB Dick It is a 9800 which coats a 12 X 18 sheet.
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    Ink/Water Balance

    UV UV Hey machine guy do you sell UV Coaters? I need one for an AB Dick press ASAP man.
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    Dawson Machinery

    Rick Rick Rick Palmer is that you?
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    New guy, AB Dick 360 question(s)

    Hope this helps Hope this helps Regards, OG
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    New guy, AB Dick 360 question(s)

    idea idea The 385 blanket cylinder shaft was put in with lok-tite and is hard but NOT impossible to remove. The Brass you refer too is what drives the press via a cut out in the gear and is housed within a bearing that is bolted to the side frame. It is called a trunion. You can actually...
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    Best Fountain Solution For Poyster Plates

    Poly Poly Make sure his CTPoly is calibrated and the non image area is burned ok. Is he using a gum/Acid fountain solution? If so try MP2000 Poly Plus from Accel. It works on both metal and Poly. OG
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    Graphopress Machine??????

    cutter cutter Looks like an MBM machine. They make good products and have great support. Have you looked at Baum? Triumph cutters: MBM Corporation, Charleston, South Carolina OG

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