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    Remote Color OK's

    I was wondering if anyone anywhere has tried to set some standards for remote color ok's? My employer is currently not allowing the customer to come into our building. In one case they took sheets out the customer waiting in a van in the plant parking lot. There are so many variables from the...
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    18,000 per hour press speeds .

    I've worked on a pair of Heidelberg XL106 presses in the folding carton industry running stock from .012" to .028" both long and short grain. Generally, the press can run 18000 just fine. Some times slower speeds are better for handling curly boards. And I'll run slower on small orders because I...
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    Cannabis (aka wackee tabacee) is now legal across Canaduh

    I wonder if it will cause a decrease in the sale of Molson's and Lebatt?
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    It seems unAmerican...

    Trump picked someone for the Supreme Court who believes in the imperial presidency. He picked a man who has been a partisan Republican hack since he graduated from law school. The zeal with which he attacked Bill Clinton during the Starr White Water investigation is well documented. But after...
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    4th unit blues

    You can run a little bit more fountain solution overall on fourth unit or you can soften the yellow ink.
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    Ink Sales

    Yup, gotta love how the industry has turned to numbers crunchers that know nothing about printing to tell us how to do our jobs.
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    Communications these days are all about charts and emails. We sure don't want to gather people in a meeting where everyone will hear the same thing at the same time.
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    Ink manufactured in India

    Folding carton companies treat ink as a commodity and management at the corporate level is more concerned with the price paid rather than what the ink actually costs in the long run.
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    Green Marketing

    At least everybody is getting 3-day weekends!
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    The Winning Bid

    Well, I'm just a press operator.
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    Looking for XL 105

    Looking for leads to purchase a used Heidelberg XL 105 press for a folding carton plant. Press must have at least 7 inking units and a coater. UV is optional. A perfector between the first and second print units is another option that my plant management would find highly desirable. We would...
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    The Winning Bid

    Does it really work this way? Aren't contracts signed before an order is produced? Maybe if we were talking about defense contractors...
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    The Right Fountain Solution & Temperatures to Run - Somone Asked Me

    Perhaps printing is a science which demands the skill of an artist?
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    Roller replacement guidlines?

    Why have you set a wider tolerance for your water rollers? From what I have been told and read, it is especially important to keep tighter tolerances in your damper, especially if you are running alcohol free.
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    Grey balance test

    Gordo, Sorry to hear that your blog is done. I went there a few times and it was always interesting even if it was at times too technical for this seat of his pants printer.
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    What book are you currently reading?

    "Here Comes Trouble", Michael Moore's autobiography
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    Problems on alcohol free press, ph rising ??
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    Standard workforce number needed for 3 offset machines

    So I take it that the presses go down for breaks? For safety's sake I'd want two people on a press at all times and there's no way I can see that happening with 5 people on three machines.
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    heidelberg excel 400 ink

    We are a large volume folding carton plant so most of our ink comes to us in 30 pound plastic kits. Sometimes metallic inks and inks for plastic substrates are in small metal cans.
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    heidelberg excel 400 ink

    I know that many of the kits of Sun Chemical ink at my plant are labeled made in India.

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