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    Xerox Toner Shortages-Anyone Else Having Problems?

    I've had black on order for 2 months on Friday for my V180. I call and just get the machine. I have calls into my local sales rep and I'm waiting to hear back. Any time I call Xerox directly I get a machine and never get a return call. I'm also having issues getting yellow.
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    Toner / colordrum issue xerox versant

    Has anyone had any luck getting in toner? I'm running desperately low on yellow and black. I am not getting any answers from Xerox. Seems like this thread has been quiet for a week so I wasn't sure if maybe supplies have been being shipped to others. If you have been getting in supplies is there...
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    Xante Impressia Transfer Settings

    I have a new to me Xante Impressia and I'm having an image transfer issue. I've changed out all the parts in my machine (Drums, Transfer Belt, Fuser, etc...) and I feel like the image isn't transferring properly on my envelopes. On the part of the envelope that has 3 paper thickness (Front, Back...
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    Xerox Centreware setup

    Type in the IP of the Fiery. On the bottom right hand corner of that page it should say "Xerox Versant 180 Press". Click that and it should take you to CentreWare. Just to save a little bit of a headache. I have to use IE or Edge not chrome to make changes in CentreWare. Any time I've used...
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    Toner / colordrum issue xerox versant

    I have a V180 here. My tech is having me take photos of every serial number from toner that is being put into my machine for reference if there's a problem. I was told the issue is in the toner that is destroying the drums. They only realized this after people were replacing drums constantly...
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    Getting double clicks with 13 x 26 sheet on V3100

    First two pages have pricing for the machine and meters. The pages after that have the fine print terms and conditions.
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    Getting double clicks with 13 x 26 sheet on V3100

    Here's how my Extra Long Print Section Reads "7. EXTRA LONG PRINTS. The following Equipment model(s), V180P may now, or in the future, have extra-long print capability, which is the ability to produce a print that is longer than 491mm. Maximum print length may vary by model. The meters for...
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    Getting double clicks with 13 x 26 sheet on V3100

    If all the contracts are similar for Xerox look at the EXTRA LONG PRINTS section in the Terms and Conditions of the Lease Agreement. That's where the click amounts for long prints are for my V180.
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    File Folders on V180

    I've printed file folders for years on my Xerox 560 and 252 before that. I've received my 1st order for file folders since we've installed a V180 and it won't let me print them. Does anyone know of a setting that will make it possible for me to do this? I'm guessing it has something to do with...

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