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    Glunz-Jensen Scrub Cover

    Good morning. We are in search of a scrub cover for our Gunz-Jensen plate processor, and are having a bit of trouble finding them What are you using and where do you get them? Thanks Paul
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    Screen 8600

    We seem to have developed a problem with our Screen 8600. It looks like half a bank of lasers are firing at the wrong time. I can make plates using the first bank in 32 channel mode, but in 64 channel I get this. We did replace a laser earlier in the week, but not on the bank that messing up...
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    New to Us Press

    Good Morning everyone, We have recently acquired a 2008 Heidelberg SM102 with CPC 2000 electronics. The operators touch screen is pretty dim and we would like to make it brighter. However, we can not seem to find any brightness/contrast settings on it. Is there a trick to get to the touchscreen...
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    Smart Casing

    I have a customer that is demanding we get some kind of software to fix the casing in their database. I don't think it is about the names as much as it is about things like LLC or III, things like that. They mentioned something called DataLift, but I can not find any information on this...
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    Indesign Spontaneous Swatch Change

    I am researching an issue that popped up with a couple of files and want to get some expert input. I have two different files supplied by the customer that has a CMYK swatch with the build of 72,91,38,28. As far as I can see, there is nothing special with this swatch in either document. We had...
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    Screen 8600 Laser Diode

    I usually buy these from Bob Webber, but they seem to be out and I need some rather badly. Any recommendations on where else I can get them?
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    XMPie StoreFlow

    Hello all. We are looking at the possibility of upgrading our current online storefront. We currently have OPS. I have it narrowed down to either EFI DigitalStorefront, or XMPie StoreFlow. I am not interested in SAAS storefronts, and as far as I know these are the only two that still allow local...
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    Selecting DeviceN Pitstop Action

    I have a customer sending me imposed files with marks. Normally I would be apposed to this, but they are doing all the cutting and folding, so I need to use their layout. The problem is the marks are coming in as DeviceN (SPOT + process colors) with varying number of components. I need an action...
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    Vinyl for Xerox C1000

    Hello all. I am trying to find a Xerox C1000 compatible Vinyl with Removable Adhesive. The Xerox Recommended Media List shows number 3R14629 for 12x18 sheets, but I am having a very hard time finding this paper, not to mention that I really need 13x19. All the paper we have tried so far does not...
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    Xerox 1000i looking for clues

    We seem to be having a recurring banding problem on one of our 1000i machines in the black. The bands are .25" apart. Service is telling me it has to be either the drum motor or the housing. Both of these have been replaced, twice. The last time only a couple of days ago, and now the problem is...
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    I currently have two inkjet systems for addressing my envelopes. One VidioJet 4320 and one MCS Imager. Both of these are currently running old software circa 2003 or so on Windows XP boxes. I am may need to replace the computers soon because of some hardware issues. Thought I would ask the brain...
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    Variable Data Emails

    We currently use XmPie Desktop version to do all our VDP mailings, and it works great for the mailings that we do. However, we now have a customer that wants to send emails as well as postcards. These emails will need to swap out images, and maybe colors based on the data. Any suggestions on...
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    C1000 heavy weight blotchy

    Our Xerox C1000 has started printing very blotchy on heavier stocks. I think it might be a setting that got changed somewhere along the line. If I print a test from the maintenance->dry ink cleaning for any of the colors (easier to see on cyan) I get mixed results depending on the paper I...
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    Online Designer

    Hello everyone. We currently have a fairly successful B2B online division. Two clients with custom made stores, and 8 active stores using OPS. It is for the custom stores that I need some help. At this time, the custom built stores are for heavily designed items that corporate designs, approves...
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    Presort Software and Unicode

    Our current software for doing mail presort and validation does not support Unicode text. Anyone know if any of them do? Thanks Paul
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    Pitstop Renewal

    Anyone have a clue how to change the subscription payment info for Pitstop? I received an email today saying the renewal failed. Not surprising, I have a new card since last year. It also says to log into and change the info, but I see no way to manage any information regarding...
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    Screen 8600 Blower Error

    I have just started getting the following error on my Screen 8600 platesetter and it seems to be getting worse. I did check the cable and it is tight. Anyone have any ideas? E418C Mechanical error Error has occurred on the blower. Please turn off the blower, and turn on after waiting 10...
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    Life of print

    I have been asked for the life expectancy of a print coming from a Xerox C1000. Any one have a clue, or somewhere I can get some info. I realize this is a bit of a loaded question, as the storage and exposure to light is a big variable, but I some kind of an idea. Thanks
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    Bulk Mail Training

    Hello Group, I am interested in getting some training on bulk mail. Are their companies that do this? Is something available from the USPS? I can't seem to find anything on that site. Thanks Paul
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    Image Bleed

    Anyone have a clue why the add bleed function does not seem to work on the attached file? I can get it to work on everything else. Thanks Paul

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