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  1. PrintIT

    Fusion Pro Users - Break job into multiple files?

    Question for Fusion Pro users - If you have a job that's 10,000 records, can you have Fusion Pro automatically break it into multiple print files? i.e. every 1000 records is a separate file, so you'd end up with 10 print files? I've used Fusion Pro in the past but don't remember if it had that...
  2. PrintIT

    Mailers Haven - Any Feedback?

    Has anyone used Mailers Haven ( and have any feedback on them? We're looking for someplace just to do simple mail sorts (de-dupe/NCOA) for small postcard jobs (anywhere from a couple hundred to max 5000). The local mail house we're currently using takes a long time...
  3. PrintIT

    PHP Errors?

    Is everyone else getting PHP errors all over the site? Some threads won't even open for me...
  4. PrintIT

    Block - Out / Light-Block Papers

    Anyone have any luck running Light Block, or BlockOut stocks digitally? (It's 100% Opaque paper, with a black film in the center to block light - good for window signs) We have a need for short runs (25-50 sheets at a time) on this stock, so we'd like to run it on our Canon 6000, but it...
  5. PrintIT

    Canon 6000vp Magnetic Stock

    Anyone know if the Canon 6000vp will run Magnetic stock (i.e. Magnecote)? Thanks
  6. PrintIT

    Acrobat 9 - Blue Gradients - Weird Display

    Hello all, I've got an issue with blue gradients in Acrobat. I'm getting an ugly green band in the middle of them that seems to show up only on screen. They seem to be fine if I open them in Acrobat 7, but Acrobat 9 gives me the green banding. See the attached screenshots of the same...
  7. PrintIT

    Kodak Storefront Question

    We're currently looking at Prinergy & the Kodak storefront. What we'd like out of the storefront is something a little more retail oriented than the system we currently use. Our current W2P system is great for business programs (allow companies to log into their own specific catalog), but we're...

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