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    Digital bricking

    I didn't even think this was possible, but I ran several thousand sheets to the stacker on our Imagepress 10,000. When bindery went to cut it the sheets are all stuck together and the toner picks off the sheet when you separate them. Has anyone else ever seen this on a digital printer?
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    KM C6500 supplies

    We got rid of our old 6500 and still have a few toner bottles and waste toner containers. If anyone wants them please let me know. We've been spring cleaning and I'd hate for it just to go in the trash.
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    Printing complex VDP files

    Does anyone have any tricks for stuff like this? Canon's PrimsmaSync controller doesn't support PPML, so the best I can do is RIP the VDP as a PDF. Usually it works without much issue since it's generally just text, but sometimes we get image heavy, or in this case, complex vector artwork and it...

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What about Profitability?
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