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    Duplo system 5000 error

    Hello. There is a battery installed at the touch screen. When it goes off you need a new one and to reprogram the touch panel using the correct version of the software.
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    Duplo slitter training

    Wouldn't suggest of a service manual for a non service engineer to be honest. Thank you.
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    Duplo PUR 2000 perfect binder problems

    Same problem that you are facing like the 2000 above. You have a blockage in the glue system.
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    Die Cutting 1000 sheets/day 400 gsm

    Hello. Have a look at this one It does 3000 sheets/hour. Some restrictions apply for the punch hole but you can work it around. Could give you more information if I had an example of the art work. Thank you.
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    Duplo slitter training

    Hello. I may be able to help although this has been posted a year ago and in the meantime you may have found a solution. Thank you.
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    Duplo PUR 2000 perfect binder problems

    Typical issue when there is a blockage at the glue system I would say from my experience.
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    Morgana DigiBook 200

    Hello. This binder is an entry level model for binding. It is running ok, you can do easily about 80-100 books per hour. You may want to have a look at the Duplo's Pfi 2100 which has a few more features for an entry level machine. Thank you.
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    PUR binder with closed nozzle system

    Hello. Talking about one clamp binders, there are Morgana and Duplo pur close tank binders available at the moment. Morgana has the 150, 200, 300 and 450 models and Duplo has the Pfi 2100 and the 6000 which comes as pur only or pur and hot melt for the sides of the book block.
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    Hello roccojdf. The new Duplo 2100 is having a few features that can be met in big machines. As stated above it has a new color touch screen. The machine is measuring the thickness of the book block as mentioned and also adjusting the nozle and the air pressure automatically. Another feature is...

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