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    Stahl Folder K66.3 service manual

    Hi. Does anyone have the service manual for a Stalh K66.3 4KTL-FR2 folder made in West Germany? In English or Spanish? Pdf is preferable.
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    Software for Xerox 700

    Hi. Greetings. We need the software for a Xerox 700 with Fiery Rip EX700. Be it via direct download, torrent or physical media [ship to Miami if so]. Thanks.
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    Electrical diagram for Brausse Combo TA650

    Hi, we have some issues with a Brausse Combo TA650 C3. Does anybody out there has the electrical diagrams in PDF for it? Tried the Brausse website and the support there is junk, or at least was inexistent when we tried.

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