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    DFS-2200 Maintenance Manual or Mode

    Any know the procedure for getting into the maintenance menu of the DSF-2200? Or where one could download a Maintenance Manual?
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    Toner shortages - Must we resort to this?

    What left form 10 bottles might get you and extra one.
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    Purchased toner in metered printer

    Since no one can get CMYK toner for Xerox Iridesse metered printers at the moment, Has anyone used purchased CMYK toner in one? Wondering if they are chipped different?
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    DSF-2200 End Mark Detection

    Is there anyone out there using the end mark detection? I have it set up the way the manual describes but it won’t read it. Anyone have an example of the end mark they could post.
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    Iridesse and Mixed Media Question

    It appears to me if main jobs is lighter weight paper and mixed cover is heavier stock that printing will have no pauses if the mixed media settings are correct. For me this works fine with no pauses. BUT, if main stock is heavy stock 216gsm and a insert like a 90gsm order blank in a calendar...
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    Is anybody out there running the Konica Minolta’s C83hc?

    Saw some proof off the C83HC. I was surprised at the smoothness and lack of banding. The high gamut I was expecting and might be a good fit for our calendar production. Just how is Minolta on color consistency, registration and durability these days?
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    JB Docupunch beak damaging sheets.

    I see this more with cover stock. The paper pickup beak is damaging the sheet below the sheets that are being picked. I have tried blowing air on the sheets, filing the beak so it is not as sharp but I am still getting some damage. Anybody else had this problem? Is there a remedy?
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    CWS 6.4 is out and PROFILES ARE NOW SORTED.

    Been waiting for this for years and finally it is now implemented. What a time saver this will be! AND, ImageViewer Curves are now sorted also.
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    Grayscale Mode K text on white or on a fill not the same thickness. Versant engine

    This rears its ugly head every now and then. Had a customer complain about it today again. I see it in grayscale mode a lot but this job was color but with black only elements set to CMYK gray prints a black only. Rows of description and pricing alternating between 20% and 0% fill. Black text...
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    Fine cyan mist on Versant 3100 prints?

    I have not seen this mentioned, but has anyone else with a Versant 3100 noticed this? We had the 2100 before and I don't think it did this. You have to really look close with a loop to see it. Even the engine prints show this. Tech tells me that is just the way they are. Doesn't really affect...
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    Do GBC Digicoil Automatic Coil Inserter & Die for JBI Doucupunch 4:1 Coil Oval Match

    Do GBC Digicoil Automatic Coil Inserter & Die for JBI Doucupunch 4:1 Coil Oval Match Anybody using this combination? Just wondering if the Die for JBI Doucupunch 4:1 Coil Oval matches the hole configuration of the GBC Digicoil Automatic Coil Inserter?
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    Getting double clicks with 13 x 26 sheet on V3100

    What is everybody else with a V3100 0r V180 seeing. I am getting charged for twice as many click as what I actually ran. I don't recall seeing any documentation on this.
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    Fiery Color Profiler 5 and the Versant 3100 FWA

    I can't seem to get a good answer from anyone about this. In the preferences for FCP 5 can the Full Width Array be chosen as a measuring instrument? Specifically for calibration.
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    CPS 5 is released

    New features include: - G7 for Printer Match - Select CMYK source profile for Preset creation - CPS added to Fiery Software Manager - FD-9 Sheetfeeder support - Partner-specific updates (support for latest inline color scanners for Fiery partner print systems Anyone know what inline color...
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    GBC Accushield has been discontinued.

    Anyone know of a similar Dry-Transfer over-laminate? It really has been a nice product to use over the years. No cleanup like liquid coater or curling like film over-laminates. Sure would like to find something similar.
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    Bad Calibration and profiling bug in FCP

    If you need to create a new calibration especially G7 do not upgrade to FCP I have documented it here.
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    Versant 80 13" x 26" finisher error.

    On our Versant 2100 I have no problem printing 13" x 26" sheets, but I have a friend with a Versant 80 with XLS option installed on the Fiery that gets a finisher error.. Is any one successfully printing 13" x 26" sheets with the Versant 80. This is what he reports. When I leave the Output...
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    Versant 2100 13" x 26" revisited

    Anybody know what is the current status on running 13" x 26" sheets on the Versant 2100? Seems Stock Library Manager allows you to set 13" x 26" sheets and the engine seems to accept that. Even the Fiery in CWS will accept it with no errors in properties when selecting a 13" x 26" sheet from the...
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    13 x 19 80# text in Versant????

    Wrinkling really bad. Tried the tricks that work for 12 x 18 80# text but can't print 13 x 19 without wrinkles. Anybody successfully print 13 x 19 80# Text with the Versant. If so want settings or papers.
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    MGI DF360 finisher?

    Anybody have any experience with the MGI DF360 finisher? Good or bad?

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