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  1. fiatlux

    Colorbar question

    Just making sure...on a sheetfed press the colorbar goes at the tail of the sheet not the lead edge. Correct?
  2. fiatlux

    Auraia screening

    Anyone have any actual press experience (good or bad) to share? FL
  3. fiatlux

    Have I missed this week's RePrint?

    Usually a new strip would have been posted by now. Have I missed it somewhere? FL
  4. fiatlux

    Kodak warns - must raise funds to survive

    Eastman Kodak has warned it must raise new funds to survive the next year. From the BBC: BBC News - Kodak may face cash crisis if patent sales fail FL
  5. fiatlux

    Kodak on Aljazeera - missing the mark

    An interesting/sad report on Kodak: Kodak's lost moment | Al Jazeera Blogs The company posts a 17% decrease in revenues, the stock is in the toilet and once again Antonio M. Perez, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Eastman Kodak Company continues to say "More than anything, the results of...
  6. fiatlux

    Halftones as you've never seen them before

    Gordo's put up quite the post on his blog. Halftones as you've never seen them before - and he's not kidding. Amazing images. You can see the post here: Quality In Print: Halftones as you've never seen them before FL
  7. fiatlux

    Save TIFF as ZIP or LZW compression

    I think this has been mentioned on the forum before - but I couldn't find it. I do need to save images in a compressed format for archival purposes. I'm thinking TIFF rather than JPEG. But which flavour - ZIP or LZW? Does it matter? Thanks for your comments. FL
  8. fiatlux

    What are your PDF color policies

    Hi, If a customer is supplying CMYK PDFs, should they embed the colour destination profile, e.g. US Web Coated? If they do, is it used by the printer for anything? Or is the embedded profile ignored. I assume that when supplying RGB PDFs, then the colour destination profile e.g. US Web Coated...
  9. fiatlux

    Source for black backing

    Where can I buy the black backing that conforms to ISO 5-4? What do people use? Thanks for any advice. FL
  10. fiatlux

    Cory, where's my weekly RePrint?

    I need some humour ASAP! :-) FL
  11. fiatlux

    Which formula to calculate colour difference?

    I'd like to use Bruce Lindbloom's online calculator the measure colour difference by entering L*a*b* values. But I'm not sure which method to use. His options and descriptions are: CIE 1976 This is the standard CIE color difference method, which is simply the distance between the two colors...

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