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  1. narseman

    More Reasons For Paper Shortages

    You think you're joking... Possibly not.
  2. narseman

    Automatic Laminator and Trimmer

    I've got the old one too. Simple setup, simple to use, there is a feature to mitigate the "dwell mark" which I've never had to use. You have to get used to adjusting the tension on the rolls, top and bottom, so the sheets don't dive into the bin. Have had some incredible jams, mostly from...
  3. narseman

    unwanted PDF background tint with EFI/Heidelberg Linoprint

    I've had similar issues with jpegs in pdfs. Bring into photoshop and adjust the midtones down. Usually works for me. No promises. :)
  4. narseman

    Toner shortages - Must we resort to this?

    Captive market. My laminator same way w/rolls. I got them to give me one "never ending" chip for film they didn't support. Installed it permanently. Saved all the others. FujiPla.
  5. narseman

    Challenge MC 305 Clamp stuck down

    I have a couple Challenge cutters.. Titan and an XG. Hydraulic. I don't know yours but.. I assume it's hydraulic too.. There are valves that control the pressure. The pressure is applied both directions.. Up & Down. There may be a bit of debris in a valve, like pieces of a seal...
  6. narseman

    The Rush Job

  7. narseman

    Konica Minolta Toner Fire at Japanese Factory May Affect US Supplies

    Not to mention the container ships backing up at most major ports. So even if it gets shipped.. Could be delayed significantly at the ports.
  8. narseman

    Windows 11

    " Right click the taskbar > taskbar settings > combine taskbar buttons > never" This have zero to do with where the folders open on the desktop. No idea how you thought I was referring to taskbar. Open any folder.. or Program/App, then open something else.. The 2nd item opens right on top of...
  9. narseman

    Windows 11

    Please.. I use 10.. I started with Win 3.1.. (DOS 5 actually) Built many machines over the years. Win 7 is BETTER than 10, if not safer. I really hate it when things are changed - to make me safer - as if. All they did was make it harder to mod, and STUPID. The apps that are pushed on you are...
  10. narseman

    Volkswagen drops bombshell creating a potential print bonanza

    But will they program them to report false, or actual data? A scifi story I read a long time ago postulated a current human in the future riding in a car. While the car made a lot of noise and speedo said 80mph, the car was actually doing about 20. Gradual design change as people had devolved...
  11. narseman

    Has Covid killed the business card?

    2 Socks.. Save the sleeves for a rainy day.
  12. narseman

    Has Covid killed the business card?

    If you're going through a roll of TP every day.. You need the professional services of a gastroenterologist.
  13. narseman

    Smells Hurting Office Workers?

    OK.. Granted I didn't notice the date.. (DOH!) But my reply is still valid today. And FOREVER.... ha ha ha :cool:
  14. narseman

    Smells Hurting Office Workers?

    OK fine... Granted I didn't notice the date.. (DOH!) But my reply is still valid today. And FOREVER.... ha ha ha :cool:
  15. narseman

    Smells Hurting Office Workers?

    Actually. you are absorbing something of it. Smells are physical transfer of molecules. Molecules fit into receptors in your olfactory sensors (nose) and signal the brain. Solvents, being far more volatile than a ham sandwich, physically transfer a good amount of material in the air. :unsure:
  16. narseman

    Font management - Mac vs. Windows

    Trying to get the salespeople to go back to the client is worse than pulling teeth. Sometimes we struggle for hours on some stupid pdf issue, when we finally say we MUST go back to client.. then get a new file in 20 mins., fixed... it's frustrating. Sales don't want to "bother" the client.
  17. narseman

    Employee Input

    YEP.. Standard procedure.
  18. narseman

    Lamination coming off near spine of the notebook (perfect bound)

    That temperature seems to be low to me. My low temp film runs at 220 deg F. Also, when laminating toner printed materials, you cannot use cheap lamination.. You need a lamination glue designed for the purpose. Something like Digibond, or Ultragrip.. (Nobelus) Various companies have similar...
  19. narseman


    I found this... "A hard proof (sometimes called a proof print or match print) is a printed simulation of what your final output on a printing press will look like. A hard proof is produced on an output device that’s less expensive than a printing press." Does that help? (Print a hard proof)
  20. narseman

    What's Driving Mac vs. PC Purchasing Today?

    You do know, don't you.. That "mice" come in a vast assortment of shapes, styles, sizes, colors and functionality.. even track pads.. You could spend 20-30 minutes at a computer store and choose a new one that suits you better. Then take the old one out back and let it run free..

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