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  1. easiprint

    Jitter on Ricoh C5200?

    Having an issue on my Ricoh C5100 and C5200 presses with banding on the trailing half of the sheet (see photo!). I've been running these presses for about 4 years now, and never had an issue this bad. With any pastel shades, I get this banding, sometimes one, sometimes two on the end of the...
  2. easiprint

    Relaible quality conscious print supplier required...

    We do that too. As our site says, we are a flexible supplier, so are not tied to specific paper stocks. It would just be impossible to list all options.
  3. easiprint

    Relaible quality conscious print supplier required...

    Hi Karl, More of a self promotion than a recommendation, but we're not too far away from you. Depending on what you need, we may be able to help. Feel free to drop us a line:
  4. easiprint

    Suggestion for Manual Wire-o Puncher/Binder

    For a manual machine I can recommend one of these...
  5. easiprint

    How cheap are Riso inkjet printers to run?

    Firstly you need to differentiate between the two types of printer Riso make. There are duplicators and inkjet models, both very different. I think some people here are mixing the two up. The duplicators use a drum and master, and are OK for printing a few thousand of the same image - not...
  6. easiprint

    Hot Glue Gun technique vs Perfect Binding

    Hot glue gun looks fine for a handful, but to do 50 - 100 looks like it would take hours. We use one of these - Upgraded Wireless 110V Hot Melt Glue Book Binder Perfect Binding Machine | eBay Had it for about 5 years now, and for short run books it's perfect. We've found using Planamelt-R...
  7. easiprint

    Off brand inks for Epson 9900?

    I found they work ok if you use it daily, but if there are periods of non-use, the ink dries and clogs the heads badly compared to Genuine Epson inks.
  8. easiprint

    Need help selling Equipment!!!

    Got rid of my AB Dicks several years ago on eBay. Got a couple of hundred each for them, and the buyer was shipping them straight out to Africa I think he said.
  9. easiprint

    Ricoh 830 dn

    Looks like a fuser problem to me. You can see the missing patches of toner being dropped in the white of the word Blue. Scratches in the fuser roller would cause this.
  10. easiprint

    Printing NCR and window enveloeps on digital equipment

    We run loads of NCR's through our Ricoh C5100 and C5200 with very few problems. They are supposed to be good with envelopes too, but only with good quality ones.
  11. easiprint

    OKI C941e/C942dn for light production ?

    Went with a reconditioned Xerox 700 when we got rid of the OKI, which was so much more of a production machine with lower running costs and more reliability. That lasted about three years. Currently running a couple of brand new Ricoh Pro C5200 machines, which I have to say are the best...
  12. easiprint

    OKI C941e/C942dn for light production ?

    Oki and Xante as far as I know are the same machine. I used to run an OKI for light production work, and yes, it does the job, but costs are the thing to keep an eye on. Thankfully I had my OKI on a service contract so only paid per click, but this is quite rare with OKI machines. If you are...
  13. easiprint

    re-negotiating equipment lease

    Not aware of anyone who has renegotiated a deal after only 12 months. Best I've ever managed was when I only had 12 months left to run a contract was renegotiated.... if I also bought the newest model.
  14. easiprint

    Books cut in polar *need advice*

    Looks like the spine is not opposite to the blade travel direction to me, so it's allowing it to tear. Make sure blade is sharp and the blade travel direction is towards the spine.
  15. easiprint

    Toner supply issue

    We're with Ricoh and have similar issues with toner. They hate supplying more than one of each at a time. We can thank the idiots who over order and sell it on ebay for this tightness! We spoke to our sales rep and explained about our machine not earning them money without toner and he...
  16. easiprint

    Ricoh Drum Life Question...

    I thought exactly the same when we switched from Xerox to Ricoh about three years ago. Xerox drums replaced every few weeks, but Ricoh drums minimum of 6 months+. But I've found it's the same with other parts. When we ran Xerox we used to have a tech visit at least once a week for dev's or...
  17. easiprint

    NCR 3 part

    It is. Create your numbered PDF file with three copies of each page (ie 1,1,1,2,2,2,3,3,3,4,4,4,5,5,5,...). - Use the repeat function in Numbering Star Then from your Fiery use Mixed Media > New Page Range to set up Page 1 from tray 1, Page 2 from tray 2 and Page 3 from tray 3 (or whichever...
  18. easiprint

    More V180 problems

    Not sure if it's much help, as I don't run a Xerox, but I've run it on my Ricoh Pro C5200 using 200 line + fine text. Could probably get it a bit better with some playing around as this was just the first print, but not showing the same issue as yours. As I say however, not much help as it's...
  19. easiprint

    More V180 problems

    Agree with the others - I would have a play with the halftone settings in the Image tab on Fiery. You should be able to get an acceptable result with one of the settings there.

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