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    Printer in Toronto

    Hi Everyone, a friend has asked me to design a funeral order of service. She's over in Toronto with her Dad who's terminally ill. I wanted to ask a favour of the PP Hive mind 1. Can anyone recommend a printer in Toronto for a fast (24-48hr) turnaround 2. Can someone share the Toronto paper...
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    Knackered imaging drum or something else?

    Running a booklet job on Saturday night, got some lines in the magenta drum. (I ran some 4 colour separations) and can see the lines on the magenta drum. Job was needed urgently, and I had the luxury of designing the artwork too, so I introduced some intentional marks on the artwork to hide the...
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    Magnetic Material on Nexpress

    Hi All. Years ago, I used to run sheets on a Nexpress, it had a magnetic backing that was 'magnetised' after printing. I used to run a little roller up and down the back of the sheet. I can't for the life of me remember what that was. Does anyone know of any similar materials? I'm looking for...
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    Ricoh MP 5404ex Weird Screen Issue

    Hi All, I'm hoping someone on here has seen this issue, the engineers are stumped (just telephone support, so far). Video here, for visual folk (apologies for my droney ol voice :-) ) Machine been fine, i've been printing from USB, because the printer driver I have (MAC), doesn't show any...
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    Smudging on back edge

    Hi All, I've just put in a new bit of kit, nothing major, but printing a specific application on this machine Ricoh MP C4504 250gsm / 300gsm Feeding from the stack bypass I'm getting a trail on the back edge (see below) Engineer coming on Monday, but they sounded a little unsure on the phone...
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    Photo Montage Creator

    Hi everyone, I'm doing loads of photo montages at the moment, super time consuming. I have a feeling I've seen a plugin, but imagine I was proably dreaming. I was hoping a script or plugin might exist for illustrator or indesign, that could do the following. 1. I choose a bunch of photos (say...
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    Split Spreads into Single Pages?

    Hi All, I wondered if there is some hopefully inexpensive software that can do the following: 1. Take a 4 page folded document (in printers spreads), and separate out into single pages (1-2-3-4) 2. Take single pages and impose into printers spreads I need to do step 1, when I'm converting...
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    New life to a fuser?

    Morning All, I wondered if anyone had any nifty tricks to getting some extra mileage out of their fuser units? I'm just trying to EEK the most pennies out of the kit before putting a new unit in. Thanks in advance Tim
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    Advice on Horizon SPF-P9 and FC-P9 Trimmer

    Hi There, I'm looking at picking up a second hand Horizon SPF-P9 and FC-P9. The horizon spec on their PDF says.... Sheet Weight Range Normal Paper : 64 to 127.9 g Coated Paper : 104.7 to 157 gsm (Manual Feed Only) I was hoping to put the following down the machine: 250gsm Silk Covers (A4 to...

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