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    gloss spot varnish HELP

    If the UV coating isn't an option try strike thru matte varnish down first with an overall gloss aq coat. Happens all in one pass.
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    .pdf flattening

    We have an issue where a .pdf was flattened using post script settings for the proof but the job was plated using .pdf 1.3 settings. The issue now is that the customer approved the proofs and we are tasked with matching the file that is being plated to the proof. We are only seeing an issue of...
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    Spot Color Mess!

    Have the pressman take the spot color plate and put it on a unit with black, cyan, magenta or yellow and see what you get after you run it up. If the screen plugs then it points toward the plate. If the screen is nice and open then it points toward the ink or some other part of the press.
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    Platesetter Downtime

    We actually bought a backup platesetter. We have a magnus as our main unit and a trendsetter is our backup. The magnus is rarely down... but when it is it hurts. We use both most of the time and are amazed at how close the print is.
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    Versant 2100 13" x 26" revisited

    I tried to buy it from the website but the checkout keeps coming up unsuccessful. Tried to call the number... no answer. JRSC- Did they send you any contact info that you can share? thanks
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    Press Problem not matching G7 Proofs

    We choose to utilize any measurement we can to ensure consistency. Dan does probably know best about the technical side of the F.S. with his background in it. With the increasing amounts of contaminants in the paper, we have seen that there are sways that are very unpredictable. The calcium...
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    Press Problem not matching G7 Proofs

    We use this measurement to ensure our wetness is always around the same. 1.5 seems to be the sweet spot for us. When we see that number dip down to 1 we are more apt to have plate blinding. Most Fountain Solution companies will measure this upon the initial setup of a new fountain solution. So...
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    Press Problem not matching G7 Proofs

    Tough to point at one thing with so many variables. So I suggest starting to eliminate them one by one. My gut says the issue is stemming from the Fountain solution. But that is assuming you run the same solution on each press... Since you are having plate wear (blinding) I believe calcium...
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    Offset Powder Buildup...

    Few things for this... -Doyle has a sheet cleaner that they can retrofit for your press that acts as a vacuum for every sheet. You will have to look into it for the cost. -An aerator/jogger helps immensely for this. We prefer the Toppy brand. This forces air between each sheet and the vibrations...
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    Western Mass Printer Looking for Press Technician

    Job Title: Press Technician Department: Pressroom Reports to: Pressroom Manager (1st) Lead Press Technician (2nd) Job Summary: Assists press team in the set-up, maintenance, and operation of a printing press, while also performing additional responsibilities of a Press Technician when...
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    Agfa Azura TS Plate Wear

    We are getting the same thing. On runs that are a little longer than you say (mostly 40k) but the image area is wearing away. Have you had any luck fixing the issue?
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    Finzer Roller

    Anyone running Finzer rollers on Komoris? If so, how are they running?
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    Packing on 40" presses

    I would like to start a discussion regarding packing under the blanket. A few questions: Which type of packing are you using? (paper, underblanket (rubber) or cyrel) What are some benefits of the more costly options? Is it worth spending more for those benefits? thanks for your input
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    DYC Airtac system

    Wanted to see if anyone out there has used this new packing system from DYC. It is basically an underblanket mounted to a bar that replaces the packing. Any thoughts?
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    Komori 10 color

    Yes it does start like picture framing on the plate... then slowly works itself into the image area.
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    Komori 10 color

    Kodak service has been pretty good with all this. They are working right with us to help find the issue. It is happening on both presses and on different batches of plates. The background (non image area) has a stain on it that is the color of whatever color we are running in that unit. Regular...
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    Komori 10 color

    Yeah I wish it was the fountain solution as that would be an easy fix. As mentioned in my last post we have tried many different fountain solutions. 5 different ones to be exact. Even the ones specially formulated for komori presses. All with the same result. This is a tough one.... It could...
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    Komori 10 color

    How is this going for you Reyes1377? We have been having long run issues as well and have tried many different inks, fountain solutions and calcium fixes and are now trying different plates. After about 40k the non image area of the plate begins to take ink. We are currently running the Kodak...
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    Low dot gain & poor trap values?

    I have seen this happen from substrate to substrate as well. You can rule out the ink idea by taking a can of any color and put about a pound in the fountain. Record that dotgain and put the rest of the can on the shelf marked "batch sample" or something. When you see the gains shift washup the...
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    What's happening with G7 Master printers

    All this talk about "acceptable" matches between proof and press has me curious... Is anyone willing to send me an sample of their match? (A press sheet and proof) The match we get is fair but I would like to think it can be much better. If you are let me know and i'll send you my shipping ID...

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