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  1. Slammer

    Prinect woes

    Right, just had an installation of a Harlequin blow up in my face. For one the migration tool that brings all the curves and dodah´s from the old 32bot Hqn to the new one didn´t and shredded the new rip in the process. Xitron was a great help here and the rip is now running fine. But! I spent...
  2. Slammer

    Gordon Pritchard

    Nice to see you on the Hamilroad website.
  3. Slammer

    Lotem 1, Slammer 0

    I Need some help from the Gurus. I am battling a Lotem 400 that has been in storage for a year. I gave it a good clean and buff and a lot of TLC, so far so good. I fired it up and it responded, however with an error, there is something that it doesn´t like. I am getting: DESCR error createfile...
  4. Slammer

    Air pipes on a Trendsetter

    Does anybody have instructions on how to Exchange the air-hoses to the head in a Trendsetter? Seems that the original ones are leaking badly and Need replacing,
  5. Slammer

    Fespa 2019

    Fespa 2019 is coming to town next week. I just went through the exibitors list and **surprise** a large percentage are Chinese. Time to brush up my Manderin methinks.
  6. Slammer

    Slammer needs a rocket scientist

    Yesterday I was at a customer and faced a coundrum that had me scratching my head like a monkey trying to figure out a typewriter. We were testing in the Sonora X The problem is that in the specs the energy required to image this plate is in Mj/cm2 or milijoule per square centemeter, that...
  7. Slammer

    dynamic colorbars in Preps

    Hi, has anybody knowledge on dynamic colorbars in Preps? Specifically how to map job spot colors so that they show in the colorbar? I would drink a beer in Munich´s Hofbräuhaus in your honor if you can tell me how.
  8. Slammer

    Frustrated with Preps

    Getting a little frustrated with preps and wanted to ask if anybody can help... A customer has just upgraded from Preps Ganging 5.XXX to Preps 8 and is using a home grown color bar. Now I can load the bar as it is a .eps but it shows only as a black stripe, all other bars are ok, what little...
  9. Slammer

    It´s driving me crazy

    Cropping to the last pixel, it´s quite a common term in Flexo and I should know it but I have forgotten, and now it´s driving me crazy because it´s on the tip of my tongue and I can´t remember. So can anybody enlighten me just to hear the inevitable face palm pretty please?
  10. Slammer


    A recent post by Gordo got me thinking a bit. For somebody like me who churned through the apprentice system for three years so that I can call myself a typesetter the idea that you can pick up the trade “on the fly” so to speak is strange at best. Typesetter, the way we or I understand it is...
  11. Slammer

    So long Ivar Kamprad

    Ivar Kamprad the founder of Ikea has passed on to the great Billy Bookshelf in the sky at 91, but before he left there is this bit of magnificent advertising. IKEA Uses Print to Create a New Motivation to Buy Peeing on a print ad may sound strange at first, but it's a brilliant use of print...
  12. Slammer

    Remember the good old days of film?

    Not only do I remember I am actually half way through restoring an antique Glunz&Jensen to it´s former glory. However despite all the care in the world some of the little clips that tells you what wire goes where have dropped off, so I now have four wires and no clue as to where to stick them...
  13. Slammer

    Accuset service mode

    Hi guys, does anybody remember how to access the service mode for a Accuset 1000, done it plenty of times in my youth but now with advancing age I seem to have forgotten, something with "777" on boot, but methinks that was that for the ProSet.
  14. Slammer

    Oh for the love of all things Kodak

    Was able to answer my own question, so forget this thread ever existed.
  15. Slammer

    A few recent threads have gotten me thinking...

    ...a thought, I am treating it well as it is in a strange place. If as some posters tell, you need a plate curve and a press curve if you wish to have your processes under control. I for one like a one curve workflow but for now, just for the sake of argument that is neither here or there. Up...
  16. Slammer

    Toner woes

    Arrrgh! Just being driven crazy, I received a printsample from a customer, textured linen paper and a uniform grey background as a print, at least that is what it should be, in reality the damn thing is mottled with an uneven layer, or density, we are using a fiery rip and a Ricoh. Anybody got a...
  17. Slammer

    Explosive rant

    A I´m-a-gonna-fling-the-phone-through-a-window rant. What is it with EFI support....? Are the products so crappy that the lines are always busy with harried techs trying to pacify irate customers? You can call when you want, "Welcome to EFI technical support" press 1 for blah, blah blah, press 2...
  18. Slammer

    Transport safety Avantra 30 OLP

    Hi guys, looking for information on transport safety for the Avantra 30 OLP and if possible the service manuals. Thanks in advance.
  19. Slammer

    And while on the topic of Agfa manuals...

    I am looking for a service manual for the AccuSet series of imagsetters, one is a Accuset 1000 and the other is a 800, a customer has offered two of them for sale to a screenprinter and I have been asked to check them out and give them a good refurbishing, sadly my time as an Agfanaut is a while...
  20. Slammer


    BIOSblock, I am seriously thinking to change my Internet handle to Biosblock, but first the backstory... A flash of lightning creamed a Efi running a Ricoh 7100, we got hold of a replacement board and changed it, now it seems that it is not a straight forward change you need to save the Bios...

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