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    Are Some PMS Colors Easier To Hit Than Others?

    Let me first preference by saying I don't have all the nomenclature and vocabulary for inks down. Also, I work in Flexo so some terminology might differ. We currently have a customer that had designs printed. On each print, there was a color shift. The prints were all within a few days of each...
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    Low Spots or Skip Outs

    Good Day, We are a flexo print facility and have been having some low spot issues recently. We have liquid pour plates and a WH Press. I have put a question out to my vendor for assistance but figured I'd double-down and head to the forums for confirmation. In the attached images you can see the...
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    Flexo Capping Resin Improvement v. Cost

    Good Day, In my facility, we produce 0.112 plates and do 90% linework and 10% screened work @ 55LPI on 300 annilox (depending on graphics, then it can go to 85LPI on 600 annilox). We consistently hold a 4% dot. We can push for 3% if need be. and 99% of our art doesn't call for 2% dot. Capping...
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    PressCheck Compare Software

    Good Day, I have a customer that states when we send them a finished product, they compare it in an automated system that checks it against the master, digital copy. The two images are compared and show a 'sort of' negative visual of the inconsistencies in print v. master. I have searched all...
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    Epson Surecolor P9000 Bad Print Nozzle

    Good Day, I am reaching the end of my wits. I have an Epson Sure Color P9000 that had a Light Cyan printing poorly. This, in turn, made all my prints come out reddish. I did what I could to try and bypass using this one nozzle since it was the only one that was bad and all other nozzle checks...
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    Anilox Question

    Quick question... I work in the world of Flexo. My ink technician tells me if I put PMS371 on a 600 anilox, it will never come out to be a full PMS371 and will always look light no matter how much he tones the ink. He says that we will only be able to use 300 anilox to get darker colors to...
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    Prepress Camouflage Pattern

    Good Day, I am a flexo graphics coordinator. 90% of our work is linework and some screenwork. Sometimes we will get process print jobs, but not a whole lot. I have a customer that wants a camouflage pattern on their product. The design sent to me has the pattern in 3 separate GREY PMS colors...
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    Print Films on Desktop Printer

    Good Day All, As the title says, I am looking for a desktop printer to print films for Plate exposure. We have a large format Epson Stylus Pros – 9700, in which we use to output films to make flexo plates. We have to slug in very small items onto our plates during the tubing process. This...
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    Should We Switch to CTP Or Stay With Photopolymer?

    Sorry, I’m not a full professional. I don’t know all the specs, options and nomenclature for Platemaking. This is just a job that was kind of put on me and I just want to see how far I can go with it. We currently have a process of using photopolymer resin to create plates of sizes up to 30x48...

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