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  1. Mr Production Print

    Xerox Versant 180 vs Ricoh C7200

    You can turn down the fusing temperatures on the Ricoh c7200. The pre-set media catalogue is far too hot when selecting envelopes. Turn it down to the lowest setting you can get away with. The Versant 280 and 3100/4100 have pretty much the same image quality, however, the full width array on...
  2. Mr Production Print

    Xerox Versant 280 versus Ricoh Pro C5310 versus Canon C710 or C810

    Hi K Graham, The Versant 280 is pretty solid. It runs envelopes but does jam and phantom jam (open door, close door) in the finisher. It is friction fed. The Ricoh c5300 is vacuum fed and this makes a big difference on envelopes. Regarding Black and White, the R&D being committed for mono (toner...
  3. Mr Production Print

    KM AccurioPress 12000, Xerox Iridesse, Ricoh 9210 and Canon VP 10100

    Can you get toner for your KMs? The shortage is really dragging on in the UK. The volume of 300k could be handled by all those devices. Do you have any book jacket requirements (leading to duplex banner printing). The Ricoh c7200 might be worthy of consideration. It's much less than the c9200...
  4. Mr Production Print

    Xerox 3100 vs Ricoh 9200

    Hi Graeme NZ, The Ricoh c9200 and c9210 would represent bigger, faster more productive units that the Xerox 3100. That's been said above by jwheeler and is spot on. The equivalent Ricoh is the c7200 and c7210. Having 14 digital presses is extremely resilient as you hardly notice if one or even 2...
  5. Mr Production Print

    Anyone use Oki Pro machines?

    We can quote you for a refurbished Ricoh c5200? This can handle labels really well. Where are you based?
  6. Mr Production Print

    Anyone use Oki Pro machines?

    The Intec/OKI devices don't have a click rate as such. Therefore, the cost of toner on each sheet depends on the coverage levels. It can be 12p on heavy coverage jobs. I was impressed by the envelope feeder and the fifth colour. It's not going to trump the KM/Ricoh or other devices for image...
  7. Mr Production Print

    Refurbished Digital Press Recommendations?

    You can pull jobs between the FIERY on any EFI FIERY driven device, not necessarily the same brand of engine. We do it between a Xerox Versant and a Ricoh c5210. It saves on two Imposition licences!
  8. Mr Production Print

    Thoughts on Xerox Versant 3100 ??

    Oh dear. Where are you based? The c9200 will be reliable. It won’t fulfil the extra colours that the Iridesse could handle. You would need a c7200x for that.
  9. Mr Production Print

    E.F.I. Fiery

    Could anyone recommend a cheaper alternative to EFI Impose?
  10. Mr Production Print

    Nuvera (EA) End Of Life?

    Maybe this is a Zerographic-led ploy to force your hand? Especially if there is an inkjet sale at the end of it. There's hundreds of Nuveras out there.
  11. Mr Production Print

    I need a new B&W machine, opinions on the Titan?

    You're spot on about the stacker. You'd need an operator tied to the machine otherwise. The Black is actually very dark grey, isn't it? The low fusing temperature means the toner isn't in the paper rather on top of it. We've had situations where finishing operators have scuffed the prints with...
  12. Mr Production Print

    I need a new B&W machine, opinions on the Titan?

    Hi LFelton, The Titan is a real beast and eats paper. It's the most reliable digital device I have ever known. However, be mindful that it's intended for short-run book production. The low fusing temperature makes for little curl and ripple. The lack of electrophotography makes for little or...
  13. Mr Production Print

    How does a Versant 80 compare to Konica C3070?

    The rationale for outsourcing the job would be if the profit (rather than revenue) from the single job didn't exceed the cost of acquiring a device just for this. I'm intrigued that a Versant 80 could produce something the KM c3070 couldn't. KM finishers tend to be on a par with Xerox on a like...
  14. Mr Production Print

    Xerox C60 vs J75 vs V80

    The J75 is really old. It was identical to the even older 770 anyway. The c60 is very lightweight with low duplex weights and a hard drum fuser (so no good for textured stocks at all). The 5th colour toner bottles are obscenely expensive and the change over takes quite a long time so unfit for a...
  15. Mr Production Print

    How does a Versant 80 compare to Konica C3070?

    Konica Minolta's aren't usually more expensive than Xeroxes in my neck of the woods. Where are you in the UK? They both use similar technology with similar friction feed and fusing temperatures (although the Versant 180 has a belt fuser). I can't see how the Versant 80 will be much better from...
  16. Mr Production Print

    Does anyone use a Konica MFP for light production?

    You'd probably need a production machine for this. Try lying to the KM by calling the media heavier than it really is. That would ramp up the fusing temperature but it might cause other issues (such as curl) and isn't ideal.
  17. Mr Production Print

    Flawless BW production printer

    The Océ machines (like the Titan 6000 and DT135) are extremely well made (except the cheap Canon finishers on the DT135), however, it's important to factor in the limited earning potential from not being able to produce over-printed work. This is a significant proportion of mono volume. The...
  18. Mr Production Print

    Canon C10000VP VS Ricoh 9200

    That's above Xerox's own recommended volume cycles. It was launched in 2015 so averages 367k a month if you bought an early edition. It's a good machine but not quite a Ricoh c9200 or Xerox Iridesse that are the gold standard. As for the garbage statement, many Ricoh, KM and Canon (especially...
  19. Mr Production Print

    Battle of the 400

    I've just read that article. My company sells both KM and Ricoh and it's complete nonsense. In fact, we find KM parts are a little cheaper but conversely those said parts don't last quite as long. It evens out.
  20. Mr Production Print

    Xerox c560

    The DC560 is fast approaching obsolescence so it would be a short term solution. Not worth the disruption if you ask me. Go for a new or nearly new Konica Minolta (or Olivetti/Devlop) or a Ricoh. A high-end office box would do that simple workflow unless superb registration is crucial for quick...

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