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    Ink Jet as replacement for film...sizing accuracy?

    Our substrate is very dimensionally accurate and is the same substrate as image setting film. The problem of fit is mostly a problem with the Epson ability to be accurate over longer distances. Epson has a specification for Line Accuracy which states the accuracy of the length from piece to...
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    Kodak 240p, Type 1

    Thanks, Stephen, I appreciate your response. Bob
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    Kodak 240p, Type 1

    I'm curious if anyone has the LAB values for this media (Kodak 240p, Type 1), and if so, would you mind to post them or send them to me privately? Thanks.
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    Web-based monitor calibration?

    Hi Jon, Not sure this helps, but Eizo sells a line of monitors with automated color calibration using a device that swings down out of the housing of the monitor. The calibration is independent of a computer platform and can run cal checks by the number of hours or on a calendar basis. I realize...
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    Epson Maintenance Tank Chip Resetter

    Lammy, Ours should work just fine for you. There are a couple of ideas in this thread for where to get one, but let me know if you need additional info. Do you want the resetter so you can replace the filters in the Epson tank? If so, we have those as well.
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    Epson Maintenance Tank Chip Resetter

    Mid-States' resetters are approved through the x880 series of Epson printers, but there are some issues with the x900. Which series do you have, Lammy?
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    Black Magic

    Mark, I offered my opinion based on what R&D asked. I'm not sure why you want to defend yourself to me, but it's not necessary. Seems to me that this may be a little more than a software install since he mentioned the Fuji RIP and calibration issues. It seems to me that the person who suggested...
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    Black Magic

    I would suggest you contact the folks who recommended Black Magic to you and engage their support. As noted by matmac this is excellent software and since the original folks identified it as a fix for your problem, logic would suggest you have them implement it.
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    Wanted:Iris 43 Wide Ink

    Iris ink Iris ink We have replacement inks-Mid-States Graphics. Check with your dealer for costs and prod codes. We've sold these inks for several years, so they're proven.
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    Need compatible poster-board for Epson 7800/ 9800

    Sure. We sell a poster board with an inkjet coating and 22 mil. Two sizes - 18.5x27 and 27x35 inches. I don't know who your dealer is but if they sell our products you can check with them for price and availability. If your dealer does not sell Mid-States contact me and I'll point you in the...
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    Another uncoated profile question

    Re: Another uncoated profile question jeff, I would not recommend running an uncoated media through your 9800. Rather, I would suggest you find a matte inkjet media to simulate an uncoated press sheet. Our company makes a range of products that fit this application (and many others) from...
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    Future of the 43 Wide Proofer??

    Re: Future of the 43 Wide Proofer?? Greg, Specially developed media? I'd like to hear more about that. Is the 90 gram really an uncoated media? How do you stop bleed through?
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    Future of the 43 Wide Proofer??

    Re: Future of the 43 Wide Proofer?? RH: A couple of questions - How does this compare to Spinjet or is it the same device? If not, is it in the same price category as Spinjet? Why has VersoJet avoided the HP4000? Just curious.
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    Future of the 43 Wide Proofer??

    Re: Future of the 43 Wide Proofer?? Mark, Our company, Mid-States Graphics, has sold both ink and media for these devices for a number of years, so we have a lot of experience and good success with them. The information you discovered is true, in fact I believe support, ink and media ended at...
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    Dot sharpening?

    Do current brands of thermal plates sharpen on press? If so, are there ranges of expectations for them to sharpen, i.e., 2% at 50, etc. Would thermal sharpen more or less than violet? Thanks for any info.
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    Epson 7600 - Any solutions to 60 pound offset paper?

    Re: Epson 7600 - Any solutions to 60 pound offset paper? I know of a matte paper for proofing that's 60#/230 gram/10 mil. It has a premium inket coating for high resolution and excellent color. LAB values are L*97 a*.3 b*-2.5 so you can see it's pretty neutral. Also has no added optical...
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    Agfa Grand Sherpa vs Epson 9800

    Re: Agfa Grand Sherpa vs Epson 9800 You'll love the Epson compared to the Sherpa. The pigment ink based Epson is more reliable, more stable, better color, faster, and the service agreement (if you buy them) is much, much, much less than Agfa service. The microporous media Agfa has chosen is a...
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    Inkjet Cartridge Life ($$$)?

    Re: Inkjet Cartridge Life ($$$)? The Kodak branded Epson is not only "based on the 9800 print engine", it IS the Epson print engine. Epson publishes a chart (maybe Kodak does, too) giving the cost to produce a 24x30 test image. The image is the bicycle with large spokes, fruit and a test...
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    plate testing

    I've read a lot on this forum about various attributes pertaining to specific plates but not much about how to really compare them in the pressroom. I have suggested that the best way to test would be to request linear plates from the manufacturer with identical images on each. In this way, the...
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    Greatest Rock Album of All Times

    Re: Greatest Rock Album of All Times Hey G, Well, it was fun while it lasted... The dead horse analogy reminds me of the Monty Python sketch about the dead parrot. Familiar with it? <clipped dialogue> Mr. Praline: He's not pinin'! He's passed on! This parrot is no more! He has ceased to be...

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