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  1. warlegs

    Making plates remotely?

    We are looking into establishing a connection with a prepress service borough to be able to get the prepress work done when we don't have coverage. Unfortunately, there aren't many close to our shop. Files can easily be sent and received obviously but does anyone know if it's possible to have...
  2. warlegs

    Versafire C7110 Stickers crooked

    Looking for advice on this issue where are sheets must be coming through crooked. Measuring head to tail from the sheets edge, the crop marks are off an 8th and crooked... Put in some 80# Gloss Text or random sheets and it comes out fine. I know the sticker stock (12x18) isn't perfect but still....
  3. warlegs

    SOLD ~ Fuji Luxel VX9600 + PAT air & Chiller

    We have this stuff just laying around and I don't think it's going to get any easier to sell.. We upgraded the front end and went digital. We scrapped the processor but have most everything else, CTP, the air and chiller systems and the Rampage workflow as well. Have extra filters and some...
  4. warlegs

    Heidelberg/Ricoh Versafire Pro C7110 plastic parts keep breaking

    We've had this machine on the floor for 6+ months and it's been pretty good to us. Service however seems to be a little bit of an issue. We are down now because a little plastic piece in the imaging drawer has broken again and the sheet just stops before exiting the main area to feeder. This...

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