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  1. kansasquaker

    2011 Fuji Acuity HSX2 8x10' Flatbed, Roll Option, White Ink

    Fuji Acuity Advance High Speed HSX2 8'x10' flatbed uv inkjet printer will roll option and White ink option - operational and available for an operational inspection. It is in great condition, currently running 8+ hours per day producing high quality work. Printer comes with Colorgate Production...
  2. kansasquaker

    Kodak Polychrome NES Sword 34 Plate Processor with chiller

    Kodak Polychrome NES Sword 34 Plate Processor with chiller - VERY CLEAN! This processor was refurbished a few years ago and recently taken out of production. It is in good condition, all functions work properly. Includes chiller unit. We have the machine strapped to a pallet and ready...
  3. kansasquaker

    Epson 9900 Help

    We're having a strange problem with an Epson 9900. The device has always been very stable. We use EFI FieryXF as a print server, but color manage with Kodak Color Flow. So the workflow is to send a color managed tiff from Prinegy to the Fiery. Color management is turned off on the Fiery and...
  4. kansasquaker

    Rampage v13.0 RIP and computer with Dongle

    This is sold, sorry can’t figure out how’s to delete post from my phone. We're selling our old Rampage system. It's a single server box running version 13. The included options are Postscript, Trapping, 1-bit Tiff, H, Shooter, Soft FPP, Software Screening, RampagePDF, ParallelProcRIP. The...
  5. kansasquaker

    Gracol 2013 Proof Paper

    I'm looking for aqueous inkjet paper that matches the white point specified in Gracol 2013 (Lab=95, 1, -4). Can anybody point me to a supplier? Thanks!
  6. kansasquaker

    You know you're old when . . .

    . . . you're interviewing a 23 year old for a job in prepress and they ask you if you ever heard of a program called Quark.
  7. kansasquaker

    Software for evaluating spot colors

    We're looking for software that will allow us to sample spot color matching (really any spectral reference if possible). We need to evaluate individual samples both on press and after, and ideally track over time. We also want to create shareable reports in both instances. Does anybody have...
  8. kansasquaker

    Fuji Acuity 3rd Party Ink - Bordeaux Plasma AC - Has anybody tried it?

    Hey I just saw an article that Bordeaux (who I am not familiar with) just came out with a set of 3rd party inks for the Fuji Acuity/Oce Arizona. Has anybody out there tried this ink? I'd love to hear about your experience. The proprietary inks are so dang expensive that I honestly think it...
  9. kansasquaker

    Recommendations for UV inkset for paper

    I'd love any help that can be offered here. We're looking for a new ink set for our Komori LS640 UV litho sheetfed press. We run EDPM rollers and currently use VanSon VS9. We switch between paper and plastic quite a bit. We're very happy with the inks that we use for plastics, but would like...
  10. kansasquaker

    Proofing Help

    Hi, I'm hoping somebody here can give me guidance with my proofing situation. The background is complicated, but here are the facts I'm dealing with: We have two proofers, an epson 9900 and a 9800. We have EFI colorproof XF 4.0 and our license only allows for one printer. We need to use...
  11. kansasquaker

    Prepress Operator and Project Planner at Kingston Printing in Eudora, KS.

    Kingston Printing is looking to add a person to our job prep team. A qualified applicant must: -possess an understanding of basic printing concepts and techniques -be intelligent and professional in manner -be able to communicate effectively in writing and on the phone -interact well with...
  12. kansasquaker

    Illustrator CC 2015 Performance

    Is it just me or is everything about CC 2015 SLOOOOWWWWWW? I have some files that lag even redrawing the workspace. For the record I'm running a Late 2014 iMac, 4ghz core i7, 24gb ram 512mb ssd, 2GB Radeon R9. So, I'm thinking it's not my hardware. And what is the story with thin lines not...
  13. kansasquaker

    Metrix 2015

    Is anybody out there using Metrix 2015 yet? We just upgraded and there are some nice new features, but the JDF export is driving me nuts. I'm not sure if I'm being stupid here but - the old Metrix would just preserve whatever settings you last used in a jdf export. In particular the...
  14. kansasquaker

    Illustrator CC Scrolling

    I decided to force myself to start using CC (from mainly using 5.5). After figuring out how to make the new version visually similar to the old version (in all three apps), I was feeling pretty good about myself. I went to use command+scroll in Illustrator CC and was stunned to find that that...
  15. kansasquaker

    Screen PTR 8600 for sale

    We're replacing our current platesetter with one with more automation. The Screen PRT 8600 is a 2002 model and in excellent condition. We use it for daily production now and it will be up and running for a while longer. It also has two sets of Heidelberg punches installed. They're currently...
  16. kansasquaker

    Has anybody ever run IBF Plates?

    Does anybody have experience with IBF plates - specifically the IBF Million plates? We're currently running Fuji LHP-J plates and like them reasonably well. I've been told by a couple different people that IBF used to manufacture Fuji's plates for them. We're considering switching to the...
  17. kansasquaker

    Object Crop Marks in InDesign

    Hi all- Simple question here - I think. I though there was a way to place crop marks around objects in InDesign (like the filter in Illustrator) but I can't find it anywhere. I'm doing all these gang impos for a digital press and manually placing the crop marks is KILLING me! I've searched...

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