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  1. WiseGuy

    Coming Soon! Workflow without the work!

    I wanted to share some fun and tease commercial printers of all sizes a little with an all new solution coming for them in the first half of 2021. Enjoy the preview and visit and get on our mailing list.
  2. WiseGuy

    Previewers Wanted for pre-release product

    Wanted: Pre-release product previewers Would you like workflow without the work? In the coming weeks I'll be conducting a limited number of previews under NDA for an unreleased product for the commercial printing market. This is NOT a sales pitch — we just need your feedback. I look forward...
  3. WiseGuy

    Job On-Boarding Survey for small to medium Print Service Providers.

    We're looking for some input from print service providers with less than 50 employees on your job on-boarding workflow — in other words, the procedures you use today when a new job is submitted for a quote or for print. The survey is anonymous and should take less than 5 minutes of your time...
  4. WiseGuy

    X-Treme Switchover Program Launches!

    Enfocus has launched the X-Treme Switchover. It's a year long journey into transforming an actual print service provider's workflow with Enfocus workflow automation solutions. Like the home makeover shows, this project will take you from the initial needs analysis all the way through to final...
  5. WiseGuy

    InDesgin Document open times very long

    I have a customer who is having some issues with InDeisgn documents taking a very long time to open. The Mac's they are on, don't seem to be the issue (newer iMacs), but they do run Suitcase and they just upgraded their InDesign/Creative cloud recently and that's when the slow-down started. They...
  6. WiseGuy

    New job processing, quoting and customer communications - input needed

    I'm doing some "voice of the customer" research work into issues revolving around customer on-boarding, new job processing, job quoting and customer communications for print server providers. As a product manager at Enfocus, I've been talking to many of my customer around the world, but I would...
  7. WiseGuy

    Enfocus X-Treme Switchover Starts!

    Enfocus announced yesterday that Sign-Age of Tampa Bay Inc has been selected for the Enfocus X-Treme Switchover. Similar to a "home makeover" reality show, Enfocus will be giving Sign-Age a total workflow makeover over the next few months and you can watch the entire process through video...
  8. WiseGuy

    Pitstop Tech Support Safari today at 4pm Eastern!

    Attention all Pitstop users... today we have one of our most popular sessions at the Enfocus Safari – the Pitstop Tech Support Safari! Join myself and the NA tech support crew as they go through some of the top tips and tricks for Pitstop! Also, attendees will have a chance to ask questions so...
  9. WiseGuy

    Enfocus Virtual Safari - Day 2!

    The Enfocus Virtual Safari on-line conference is underway! Day 1 was very exciting with a great session by Cary Sherborne & David Zwang giving a drupa review – Enfocus product managers overviewing Enfocus drupa announcements – Open source e-commerce...
  10. WiseGuy

    Enfocus Virtual Safari - Free Seminars on Workflow Automation

    Enfocus Virtual Safari – July 11-15th If you're interested in workflow automation, then you shouldn't miss the Enfocus Virtual Safari! 15 sessions are dedicated to workflow automation applications and solutions! The Enfocus Virtual Safari is an free on-line conference/trade show that packs in...
  11. WiseGuy

    Enfocus Safari - Free Webinars on Color Management

    Next week, July 11-15th, Enfocus is holding it's third Enfocus Virtual Safari! This event is packed with sessions on topics from workflow automation, Web2Print, imposition and more. For color management, we have two presentations specific to color management. One on Monday, July 11th at 3pm...
  12. WiseGuy

    Enfocus Virtual Safari 3.0 - July 11-15th!

    5 Days – 28 Sessions – 18 Companies – All Free! It's that time again! The Enfocus Virtual Sarfari 3.0 on-line trade show launches today! Free to attend, the Virtual Safari brings 28 sessions covering topics from drupa introductions, workflow, color management, DAM, customer automation...
  13. WiseGuy

    Innovative workflows for photobooks and photo prints – FREE Webinar!

    Thursday, September 10th at 1pm, join Enfocus and Dwight Kelly from Apago as we explore innovative ways to produce photo books and photographic prints. Digital presses have revolutionized the photo-book and photo-print markets. Automation is the key to increasing profits and reducing errors...
  14. WiseGuy

    24/7 Business Card Production – Free Webinar, Enfocus Summer Camp

    Thursday, Aug 27 at 1pm Eastern, join Enfocus and Dwight Kelly from Apago for our next installment in our Enfocus Summer Camp Solutions Webinar Series. This week, we'll be looking at cost effective production solutions for 24/7 business card production. Business cards aren't going away. They...
  15. WiseGuy

    Lights out automation through MIS integration – Free Webinar! Aug. 20th

    Free Webinar: Thursday, Aug 20th, at 1pm Eastern Join Enfocus and All Systems Integration and learn how to make your MIS system an integrated part of your automated workflow solution. From file delivery to final output and everything in between. Use Enfocus Switch as a foundation to build a...
  16. WiseGuy

    Automated barcodes / QR codes - Free Summer Camp Webinar

    Thursday August 13th, at 1pm (Eastern), join William Buckingham from the XChange along with Enfocus for a free webinar on how to produce automated barcodes and QR codes. This webinar will demonstrate how to use command line tools to dynamically create and attach traditional and modern barcode...
  17. WiseGuy

    Free Webinar: Automation for Large Format output - Thursday at 1pm Eastern

    Join Enfocus and Dwight Kelly from Apago, on Thursday July 30th at 1pm Eastern, for our fourth in a series of our Enfocus Summer Camp Solution Webinars – Leveraging automation for large format output devices. Large format has its own unique production requirements. Many repetitive tasks that...
  18. WiseGuy

    Automating Image processing with Switch and ImageMagick

    Join Enfocus and William Buckingham from the XChange as he takes you through how to use advanced features in ImageMagick to create separated TIFF output from PDF files, create assembled color PDF composites and how to work with Switch variables, ImageMagick/GhostScript and command line tools to...
  19. WiseGuy

    Extending your Prinergy Workflow to your Clients Desktop - Free webinar

    Thursday, July 9th at 1pm Eastern Join this 40 minute webinar and see how Enfocus Connect ALL, and Enfocus Switch can be used to extend your Prinergy RBA workflow all the way back to your customer. In this webinar you’ll see how Connect ALL will help your customers by automating PDF creation...
  20. WiseGuy

    Virtual Safari Tradeshow Next Week! 4/20-4/24

    It's that time again! The Enfocus Virtual Safari starts next week. With 30 sessions over one week covering a wide variety of topics important to the graphic arts and print production. Topics include: +Workflow Automation +Color Management +PDF Preflight advancements +Imposition +Web to Print...

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