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  1. arossetti

    PDF Choking APPE - Best Practice?

    I have a customer provided PDFX4 with over 1200 vectors and a few hundred transparancy layers - don't ask. It is choking my APPE and it is running out of memory while trying to RIP it. In Caldera I can change the flattening behavior of the APPE to allow this thing to RIP however it is not...
  2. arossetti

    Acrobat PreFlight Profile

    Prepress is not my strongest suit but I have a question and I'm hoping someone can help me with. I need to create a simple droplet that will analyze the file for spot colors and if a spot color is present append the file name with _SPOT. Is that possible? I see the spot color check, and the...
  3. arossetti

    HP Scitex 11000

    Anyone out there with a HP 11000 using the 245 inkset?
  4. arossetti

    Creative Way to Mark Media Cores

    So part of our 5S program we found a need to color code our 3" cores based on length (4 lengths). Here are the specifications: - The color coding would happen as we prepared to load the roll onto the printer - Right after marking the roll would be put onto the printers roll holder (so the...
  5. arossetti


    What happened to the newsfeed at the bottom of the forum?
  6. arossetti

    North America / US Expo's - Who's Going this Fall?

    Who is going where this fall? What are you looking for? Anyone excited about any keynotes, break outs or training sessions?
  7. arossetti

    Creative Cloud 2017

    Anyone using CC2017 and having issues with certain Pantone colors that go missing? If I pull up Pantone Manager and look in Coated v3 and try to find Pantone 2147c I can see it. If I look in CC2015 I can find 2147c in Coated v3 If I look in CC2017 I cannot find 2147c in Coated v3. What gives?
  8. arossetti

    Pdf 2.0 / pdf/x-6

    Anyone have additional information as to how this may change file handling/prepress? I see that spectral data can be used as opposed to LAB. This mimics what ICCMax did with allowing LUT's to be left in spectral data instead of LAB. Sounds like it will also allow you to have multiple output...
  9. arossetti

    RE: Digital vs. Offset Printing for my new business

    RE: Digital vs. Offset Printing for my new business I was late to the game and just read through the entire thread. After getting to the last post it made me wonder; did Lucasta Miller ever buy that silver Subaru Forester?
  10. arossetti

    Onyx Media Manager

    Anyone know how to do multiple spectral measurements when creating a media in Onyx? Additionally if you have a bad scan are you able to replace that patch? Using Barbieri LFP if that matters.
  11. arossetti

    GMG Color

    My company is looking to purchase a new color management software package. We currently are using a schmorgesborg of products from different vendors for profile creation, G7 curves, verification, digital spot color library management etc. Big items that I'm looking to resolve in a workflow...
  12. arossetti

    Creating a House Colorspace

    We have several dye-sub printers that currently are calibrated to G7 grey but have no aim. Dye-sub is a very different gamut to litho and I don't see anyone in the industry currently providing specifications for a dye-sub color space so I thought I would create my own. I'm hoping this will...
  13. arossetti

    Wide Format Substrates

    Anyone have experience trying to color manage wide format and all of its available substrates. I'm having an obvious issue trying to figure out how to deal with variations in white point for all the substrates we print onto. We have ~40 house stocks all with different levels of white and OBA...
  14. arossetti

    Layout Visualization

    Are there any simple programs that create a printable imposition plan? I just want a simple tool to have the estimator sketch out their imposition plan for pre-press when we run into odd 1-off impositions. If anyone is familiar with the imposition app PrintCAPP that is what I am looking for...
  15. arossetti

    Use of Ductor Roller

    Some of you may have been following my foray into our companies acquisition of an offset printing shop. Please excuse my lack of knowledge as I try to better understand the process. Now to my question, my operator adjusts the ink ductor roller in and out to control the flow of ink across all...
  16. arossetti


    Has anyone seen samples of this press? Have additional information and or a expected list price? Google isn't pulling up a whole lot of information about this press but it seems like they are getting close to releasing it for sale. I wonder if pricing will be above or below 1.5mi USD.
  17. arossetti

    Questions about a Cutter

    So we just inherited a Polar92 cutter which has replaced our Challanger 265. We are noticing two things happening on the Polar that we never experienced with the Titan 265. 1.) When cutting dry toner prints the toner ends up sticking to both the front and back side of the blade. If I had to...
  18. arossetti

    Missing L* Values in my Profile

    Trying to make a profile for my iGen and having trouble. When inspecting the profile after creation I'm missing a big chunk of the bottom of the gamut. If the 3D GRACoL gamut should look like a diamond my profile looks like a pyramid. I know you will need more information from what I'm...
  19. arossetti

    Using Spectro on Offset?

    So our digital printing company just acquired an offset printer with a 1/2 sheet press. The prepress room has a pretty good color management process in place and create proofs/plates to GRACoL_2006. The press room however just eyeballs the contract proof to the press sheet. Eventually I would...
  20. arossetti

    Need Help with Screen CTP

    My company is acquiring another printer and part of their mix is a 1/2 sheet offset press. They pretty much stopped reinvesting in the company 5+ years ago and I am trying to understand what needs to happen in regards to upgrading the Software/RIP/CTP. They use Truflow for trapping...

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