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  1. Macmann

    Customer file submission

    We have an ongoing debate amongst the Prepress team, management, and customers as to how files should be submitted to us. In most cases, we receive Adobe Illustrator files that need a fair amount of massaging to prepare for our process (we are an industrial screen printer). Prepress understands...
  2. Macmann

    Best screen angle for one color gradients

    Do you have a favorite screen angle for one color gradients or is it artwork specific? In your opinion what affects the quality of the gradient more, the lpi, mesh count, or angle? 7.5? 22.5? 52.5 or 82.5? Does angle even matter with a one-color gradient? What about dot shape? Elliptical...
  3. Macmann

    Any screen printing experts out there?

    We have a phenomenon happening to our gradients on press. Has anyone seen this before? The films we use to shoot the screens are perfectly smooth but we get a ragged look near the midpoint and again in the lighter tones. We have tried multiple dot shapes, angles, resolutions with no luck...
  4. Macmann

    Pantone Color Libraries will be removed from future Adobe updates

    Starting in March 2022. Members, how will this affect you?
  5. Macmann

    Does anyone still use overprint?

    With the ability to set an item to Multiply or Darken so widely available in most graphic applications, is there a need for the overprint checkbox anymore? Just curious.
  6. Macmann

    Recommend a plotter printer

    We are searching for a plotter to print out blueprints, die lines, and proofs. It needs to integrate with ESKO Automation Engine. We had an HP Designjet that worked well-just got old. We have an Epson UltraChrome but that is a little too nice for our everyday needs. Toner or inkjet-based...
  7. Macmann

    Your Prepress department

    Management expects all technicians to be able to pick up any job and work it to completion. In reality, through the years, we have all specialized or become familiar with certain product groups or customers. One tech may be a whiz with Photoshop or another is highly skilled at setting type or...
  8. Macmann

    Illustrator question

    We have a client who provides extremely complex files that they use a single clipping mask to create 4, 5, or 6 individual parts. I am drawing a blank on a good way to turn that single clipping mask into separate files. The way they create it, I end up duplicating it and then deleting the...
  9. Macmann

    Font management - Mac vs. Windows

    Our IT department is pushing our large format division to migrate from Macs to Windows 10 workstations. In my experience, the biggest challenge will be fonts. The Adobe applications seem to run the same on both platforms but we are always battling customer-supplied fonts. We are currently...
  10. Macmann

    Editing a Normalized PDF in Illustrator

    Recently we had a situation where the customer lost their original AI files. For whatever reason, we no longer had them either. All that was available were ESKO Normalized pdf files. Out of desperation, they used the Normalized files to make edits in Illustrator. Ultimately we ran the job...
  11. Macmann

    Esko Powertrapper

    We recently had a project that went bad on press due to a missed area of trap. The job was made up of all spot colors. Esko's Powertrapper was used and usually works well. The design was very complex, incurring over 500 trapping instances. One lone area did not trap and we made scrap. What are...
  12. Macmann

    PDF transparency settings

    We recently took delivery of an HP R1000 wide-format latex printer. It has an Onyx front end with the ability to lay down a flood or select white. The tech told us to set the spot white to overprint and to "never use multiply or transparency... transparency causes problems" This seems like old...
  13. Macmann

    Visual indicator for pressman

    We were looking for a way to verify that all passes through the press have been completed. Often times we print with dozens of colors and not always possible to do it in the sequence of the ink palette. We've tried a small visual mark but this does not always catch a missed color and then the...
  14. Macmann

    HP Designjet 4000 replacement suggestions

    Our old HP Designjet 4000 has given up the ghost. Any suggestions on a replacement with similar capabilities? We use as a proofing device to show color separations, die lines etc... in a screen-printing environment. Needs to be roll fed, quick and economical to run. Color accuracy is not...
  15. Macmann

    Conventional film/processor issue

    Any of you old-timers remember running film through the soup? We are seeing fine lines approximately .001" getting pinched up from time to time and the customer is rejecting them. My first thought was chemistry ratio or developer temp. It's hard to pin down and happens intermittently. Any ideas...
  16. Macmann

    Normalizing Illustrator files

    I can just open an RGB ai file directly into ESKO PackEdge 16 or... I have to open it in Illustrator, convert to CMYK mode and then export a normalized PDF. Help me understand why I wouldn't just open it without normalizing? I've been told that normalizing with an automation engine ticket is an...
  17. Macmann


    Looking for a durable, screen printable, clear substrate that allows for outgassing when applied to a warm polypropylene housing. Any suggestions?
  18. Macmann


    I know that photoplotters are used in the printed circuit board industry and they are similar to their lower resolution cousins, imagesetters, so has anyone replaced a dying imagesetter with a photoplotter? Is this even a viable option?
  19. Macmann

    Barco Megasetter repair

    We still have a mid 90's vintage Megasetter plus. We are looking for someone to service it in the event it goes down. Esko discontinued supporting it a year ago. Anyone still using these?
  20. Macmann

    Settle a bet

    We have a vintage Barco imagesetter that we beat like a rented mule. It has been postulated that if we run certain projects at the max resolution of 5080 we are putting undue strain on the unit. These projects do require the max res, but it was suggested that in the interest of the longevity of...

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