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  1. gregbatch

    OKI Consumables a Year After the Pullout.

    It's been a little more than a year since OKI pulled out from the Americas. Has anyone seen difficulty (beyond typical post-covid issues) in getting consumables? Have supplies substantially increased in cost (disproportional to current inflation)? I noticed that IntoPrint consumables are...
  2. gregbatch

    KM c1060: Can you identify this probem?

    I am still learning when it comes to KM machines. Can anyone tell me what is causing this and how to correct it? This is side 2 trailing edge 13x19. 100# gloss cover. Side 1 is perfect.
  3. gregbatch

    Mail Merge job - NO Sequence Numbers allowed.

    I have a customer that wants a 4 page, 2 sheet fold and slit letter mail merge (presorted) match, but will not accept a sequence number anywhere. What can you do to make sure you are keeping the job in order without going crazy?
  4. gregbatch

    Konica Minolta 2250 Feedback

    Lease ending soon on our Xerox. Looking for a better machine. We do mainly overprint of variable data.
  5. gregbatch

    Where did all my color libraries go??? Acrobat Pro DC

    I regularly use preflight to convert RGB and CMYK colors to Pantone Spot. Today I went to Preflight, create new fixup, convert to spot, and import color from regular libraries. Not there. Nothing. Totally blank box. Where did they all go? Adobe was no help. 3 hours of no help. Did they switch...
  6. gregbatch

    Konica Minolta c6000 print speeds

    Does anyone know the actual print speed of the c6000 on 12x18 216 GSM? Or better yet a reference source for print speeds? KM seems to hide this information very carefully, only listing letter and tabloid speeds for light GSM papers.
  7. gregbatch

    Addressing on UV coating

    We need to address on UV coated magazine. Wondering if anyone has experience with Flexprint Unlimited, HP 2580 solvent, or Solv-Jet cartridges.
  8. gregbatch

    Association Health Plans?

    Just wondering if there are any industry associations that offer association health plans. Our company barely has enough employees to to qualify for group health, and the rates are high. AHPs allow smaller companies to obtain group health insurance at a rate normally only available to large...
  9. gregbatch

    InDesign Mac - Imported accent characters come out as caps

    Accent characters that are correct in the ASCII file come out as a caps version when imported (or merged) into InDesign Mac. Imports fine on a PC. I can't find a reference to character set that explains the "shift". Example: ó becomes Û
  10. gregbatch

    Xerox D125 Sheet to Sheet Registration

    Can anyone tell me how good the sheet to sheet registration is on the D125? I'm looking for a machine to imprint onto forms with check boxes, so alignment can't bounce around too much. 50# and 60# 8.5x11 only.
  11. gregbatch

    Small Shop Graphics/Prepress help

    Need graphics help but can't find a good part-timer? Tired of dealing with freelance designers that have no clue about printing? After 29 years of traveling 150 miles a day to my job as a prepress/production designer, a family battle with Alzheimer’s makes it necessary for me to stay close to...
  12. gregbatch

    Brokered Printing

    Has anyone used Printograph? It's the trade side of Got Print. How much of a discount do they give from Got Print Prices? Quality? Thanks
  13. gregbatch

    Inline or offline?

    When it comes to punching for spiral, comb, etc., what are the pros and cons of inline vs offline? Same question for booklet making. Obviously, offline is another step added to the process, but are there issues with inline that make offline a better choice despite the extra step?
  14. gregbatch

    Plockmatic 35 inline

    We were looking at adding a Plockmatic 35 to our new D136, but the quote came back at double the price. That makes the PM35 the same price as the D136 itself. Are they really that expensive ($52k)?
  15. gregbatch

    Sterling Coilmaster Jr.

    Anyone have experience with this machine?
  16. gregbatch

    All Digital

    We have been expecting to transition to all digital by the end of next year, however we are now facing some end-of-life equipment issues and tightening compliance issues that may push us to change over by the end of THIS year. How many have made the transition from offset to all digital? What...
  17. gregbatch

    Riso Comcolor

    OK. Is anyone out there using Riso Comcolor printers successfully? We are looking for an economical machine for direct mail, letter merges, newsletters, etc. In this do it yourself world I think there is a whole class of customer out there who would be happy to run 1000 flyers or newsletters on...
  18. gregbatch

    Loaded Versant 80 or Versant 2100?

    It's getting near upgrade time and we need to upgrade from a J75. When you break it down to the monthly, it's looking more like once you get an 80 and load it with the performance package, advanced high capacity feeder, etc., you might as well spend the extra dollars on the 2100 and reap the...

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