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    Xante Impressia

    Hello everyone I have a Xante Impressia that is doing something odd. I am printing some regular Simple Seal env It keeps leaving some residue on the back of the back of the envelope, it rubs off with enough scratching. I would appreciate any help.
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    Trouble Shoot

    So we have a HP Indigo 7500. We have to replace the Computer chip board that sits inside of the tank. Does anyone have any idea how to do this? This is the board we need to replace. We would appreciate any help. Thanks in Advance
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    Full press sheet size Digital Presses

    This is a topic all about Digital presses that can run full press sheets. I know the Indigo 12k and the Landa S10 are pretty impressive. Does anyone have any of these machines and if so how well do they really work?
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    Indigo 12000

    Just curios if anyone has the Indigo 12000. What is the experience like?
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    xerox iridesse

    Hello I was just curios on if anyone has the Xerox Iridesse. What is your experience with it? Is it worth getting? What are the pros and cons of it?
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    Ricoh 9100

    I was just curios on weather anybody has the Ricoh 9100. What is your experience with it? Is it worth getting? What are the pros and cons?
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    Interposer tray issues

    Hello I have a Rich 8120 Pro I am trying to print a book while inserting pre printed covers from the Interposer tray. The problem is that I cannot get it to actually sense the covers persay. So here is what is happening I set everything up in the imposition then when I proof print it after...
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    Xante Impressia trouble shoot

    So I have a Xante Impressia I was trying to run some A6 and A2 Envelopes after running I noticed that on the lead edge of the envelope there was some left over ink but it never went away you would think it would fade out eventually but it did not. These were double sided so it was easiest to...
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    Xante Impressia

    Hello I have a Xante Impressia it appears I have some Ghosting pretty bad. It starts the first one fine but then doesn't fuse the next one correctly and therefore starts ghosting on the front and back. My impression counts says that its a little below halfway. So it should still be in good...
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    Using Slip Sheets in Properties

    So I have a Ricoh 8120pro I'm using Fiery Front end. Typically if I print a book that needs slip sheets I usually go through and insert a blank sheet from the Imposition layout. But I was curious as how to set up slip sheets from the properties under Media. Basically I'm trying to avoid having...
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    Xerox plockmatick

    Hello I have a Xerox Plockmatick attached to a Xerox Color Press 1000. I used to be able to have the 1000 set to feed directly into the plockmatick in the Fiery I would select bypass tray and it would feed in but for some reason The bypass tray has been grayed out. All the chords are connected...
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    Ink Hanging

    Ok so I have a Xante Impressia. I am trying to print a 10# Digital window envelope it has all 4 colors on it. But the layers are not printing on top of eachother. So the image is hanging of the words. I tried to use a regular 10# but it still was hanging. I also tried to flip the image to see if...
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    NCR on Ricoh

    Hello so I have a Ricoh 8120 Pro Se it's only a black and white printer however is still requires me to define what color the paper is. So what color should I set the NCR Paper profile for? I can only choose one color and NCR can come pre colated so which Color will be the best setting?
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    Files in IQueue

    Ok so I have a Xante Impressia and the IQueue workflow 11.6.1. I have this file that is Processed for four color. The color on the file is maroon when I view it in acrobat it's maroon. But for some reason when ever I Import it into IQueue it turns into Cyan and Black. Like I Said It's been...
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    Tabs on Ricoh

    Does anybody have advise on running pre cut tabs on the Ricoh 8120 pro.
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    Face Up and face down efficiency

    So here is my question. So on average if you print something face up does it run straight through or does it have to flip it once more so that it is face up? Because if it has to flip it once more then there is a higher risk of jams.
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    Fiery Command work Station

    Hello this is Kyle from Alphagraphics BCS. So I have the Firery Command work Station. So here is my question. Is there a way that I can change the default settings in the properties? For example if I import a job by default the output delivery will be set to face down normal order. Is there any...
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    Impressia Photo conductor units

    Hello this is Kyle from Alphagraphics BCS. I have a Xante Impressia. The supply list told me I needed to replace the photo conductor unit for both black and color. I called Xante about it they said that I needed to replace all the drums because a photo conductor unit is the same as a drum. So I...

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