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  1. aqazi81

    Films for screen printing.

    With the demise of CTF devices, just curious to know how you guys are getting films for your screen printing jobs?
  2. aqazi81

    Bobst unveils new products at innovation event
  3. aqazi81

    Spray powder effects on offline UV coating

    What kind of issues we can get in offline UV coating if a job printed with conventional inks and anti set-off powder was used?
  4. aqazi81

    Measuring developer conductivity

    Hi All, I want to know which specific instrument you use to measure developer conductivity in processor? We are looking for a reliable instrument. Regards
  5. aqazi81

    Hot foil stamping on Matte laminated sheet

    Hi, One of our customer is doing hot foil stamping on a matte laminated sheet. The problem is that the edges of the texts are not sharp. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. ​​​​​​​
  6. aqazi81

    Moving from 2400 to 3600 DPI

    Hi All, What are the pros and cons of moving from 2400 DPI CTP to 3600 DPI CTP? Will there be any visible difference in print quality or is it just a marketing thing?
  7. aqazi81

    Zoom In

    A few pictures of a currency note I took with my cell phone using a 60X microscope.
  8. aqazi81

    Aqueous Coating Cracks

    Hi All, We are facing issue with coating cracks on heavier coverage areas. Low coverage areas have no issue or very little visible. Please view the attached images of the issue.
  9. aqazi81

    Landa to ship three beta presses this year.

    Have you guys checked this,
  10. aqazi81

    Register compensation in Prepress

    Can we compensate for the misregister between colors due to paper stretch or fan out in Prepress?
  11. aqazi81

    A new invention in Pressroom technology.

    Can anyone guess what this guy is doing?
  12. aqazi81

    Alois Senefelder

    An article on our respected forum member Alois Senefelder. :)
  13. aqazi81

    Font or Text verification

    Is there any system that can check the File, Plate or Printed sheet for missing fonts or texts, or match with the original Pdf supplied by the customer?
  14. aqazi81

    Suprasetter A74

    Our company recently sold our brand of thermal CTP plates to a local print shop. They have an old Suprasetter A74, imaging on the plate is not proper and it looks like we need to increase the laser power. We asked the operator to adjust the laser power or drum speed for the new plate, but he...
  15. aqazi81

    Barcode/QR code on plate.

    Just curious to know if someone is using Barcodes or QR codes to quickly scan an old plate and output a new plate if needed so you don't have to search through files.
  16. aqazi81

    Operating Manual Required

    Can anyone help me with operating manual of E.G Control Grafico system installed on a Polar.
  17. aqazi81

    Offset blankets expert Chamberlain dies

    Neville Chamberlain, described as a world-leading authority on offset printing blankets, has died aged 80.
  18. aqazi81

    Plate Counter

    Is there any way that we can expose plate counter or number on every plate so that we can keep track of the plates?
  19. aqazi81

    Screen angles

    Does different screen angles with same lpi produce different results on same job?
  20. aqazi81

    CTP Plate Exposure Tolerance

    What are the ISO Standard tolerance for thermal CTP plate, like 50% should measure 50 or do we have some tolerance of +/- 1 or 2 %?

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