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    Trick a Plockmatic 410 collator into back exciting without a booklet maker plugged in?

    As the title says, I am looking for a way to manually set a collator to "back exit." I have a basic stitch'n'fold booklet maker that doesn't have an interface, but seems like it would accept collated sheets from the back of the collator if only I could get it to exit that way. Anyone know if...
  2. issuepress

    PitStop - "Keystone" contents of a page?

    I know this is sort of a specific use case, but it is it possible to use PitStop Pro to warp the contents of a page in a manner similar to keystone for projectors? Something like scale Y on the right side of the press sheet, but not the left, or scale X on the bottom but not the top.
  3. issuepress

    Restoring lost action lists

    Hello all, I recently updated my mac production machine to High Sierra via a clean install, the only hiccup so far is that I stupidly forgot to properly export my action lists from PitStop Pro (2017 Update 1). I did make a clone of my drive as it stood before wiping it and i have tried replacing...
  4. issuepress

    Recommendations for industrial sewing machine for center sewing

    Hello, all! As the title says, I am looking for recommendations for industrial sewing machines for center/singer sewing for booklets. I am having trouble finding binderies in my area that offer this service (and only 2 that still offer smyth sewing) and its a capability I have wanted to add...
  5. issuepress

    MBM BC-12 - Paper Thickness?

    I recently picked up a used MBM / Uchida BC-12 business card slitter because it seemed like it would be a better solution for handling the relatively low volume of business cards that I do. I have really enjoyed the machine, but whenever I use 100#c French Paper Co. (my normal BC stock as French...

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