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  1. cDirect

    Ricoh 9110 Fuser belt ripping after 400-500 sheets

    My tech and I are completely boggled by this issue on my Ricoh 9110. I run 400-500 sheets and the fuser belt rips by moving off the path. It is basically moving towards the operator or front of the machine. We have gone through 4 belts on 2 different fusers. Thought it was the paper but I've...
  2. cDirect

    Ricoh 9110 Paper Catalog Issues

    Anyone ever had an issue with the paper catalog getting in the way of aligning a tray? I used to not have this issue but here is the jest of it Pre-Issue I could go into the Device Center and align a tray with a specific paper catalog stock in it (not manual setting) Post-Issue Can't align a...
  3. cDirect

    Ricoh C9110 Skewing

    Machine runs great except for two things......grays (found a work around) and fish tailing the alignment on the second side. Had service replace just about every sensor but it still happens on and off. I do tray alignments for every stock and the alignment is perfect on the same stock and sheet...
  4. cDirect

    Ricoh 9110 Gray least for me

    So my 9110 has always had poor gray application or printing good gray gradients. It has been an issue with Ricoh's machines since time immemorial.....I had a job that had a 5x7 part of gray gradient and I was normally converting that part to RGB in PitStop or if i had the native file making it...

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