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    Delivery charges (FedEx)

    We are getting a lot of address correction charges on our Fedex bills. Even when shipping 3rd party the address correction fees are coming to us as shipper. I am using my cass certified software to look for bad data as early as i can in production but its not catching a high enough number of...
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    Should I be using "optimize RGB Trnsparency " button on my fiery

    I don't use this button very often but with more and more files not printing clean, I am thinking about using it by default. The main reason, I'm running more and more customer supplied PDF's without our Prepress touching them. For short run, quick print jobs, what would the disadvantages be? Am...
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    mailng a pen

    Does anyony have contact information for a supplyer for those molded plastic pen holders for mailing? It is kinda like a bubble wrap sheet with space to hold a pen
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    Canon 6011 fiery calibration question

    Should I be concerned about a wavy line for my calibration results? I haven't seen a drop in quality. I have asked two service techs and didn't get much more than I'll look into it.
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    canon c750 pod xl lite setting?

    Is there a setting somewhere I can give to my techs to allow the "XL lite pod" on my 750 to lower itself all the way down when it is opened? I like it for envelopes but I have to hold the switch in the front of the drawer to lower it down before I put my pile in. I would like it to lower itself...
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    screen katana ft-r5055 poly platemaker driver needed

    I am trying to keep our poly plate maker running I need an XP driver for the 5055 but the link online seems to have been taken down. this link is what I'm looking for but no longer works.
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    Going Silver, Gold, Fluorescent and more with BiancoDigitale

    Going Silver, Gold, Fluorescent and more with BiancoDigitale Why isn't this available in the US.
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    canon c750 envelope speed

    running a 6x9 booklet 4 color variable data env. 12500 total. I am averaging less than 41 per min. Is that what most people are seeing?
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    PSI toner cartridges

    I am looking for Psi toner cartridges for the LM3640. Anyone give up on their old machine and want to sell the supplies they have left?

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