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  1. mattbeals

    Kodak vancouver

    Hey, what do you do know... That's how old I am.
  2. mattbeals

    Compare 2 PDF files

    Eric, you have my number. Let's meet at the local Starbucks and we can go through it.
  3. mattbeals

    OSX vs Windows 10 for Pre-Press...

    Anyone telling you that color management, Adobe applications, Pitstop, etc are best done on Mac's is either ignorant or lying to you. It's all about what OS you "prefer". They're both equally capable platforms with equally capable applications. Everything else is fear, uncertainty, doubt...
  4. mattbeals

    Prinergy 7.5 OPI workflow

    Is there anyone here using Prinergy's OPI workflow?
  5. mattbeals

    How do you reconcile the "news"

    All the media outlets have a particular bias, some more pronounced than others. And as others have said, people tend to follow media outlets that share their viewpoint. The one that blows my mind is MSNBC, I just don't get how that is not named Pravda.
  6. mattbeals

    Pitstop wanted

    Annoying indeed, but an inescapable cost of doing business.
  7. mattbeals

    Pitstop wanted

    Do the subscription then.
  8. mattbeals

    Online Preflighting Service/Server

    Many people invested in the technology and brought it in house rather than farming it out to an online service.
  9. mattbeals

    Imposition output

    Sounds like the RIP is slow, bogged down by something. Could be a number of issues. When say it is slow rendering I take that to mean you're creating some sort of raster image to go to the printer. What printer is it? What kind of details can you give about the process?
  10. mattbeals

    Mac Server - NAS?

    Helios is probably the the best technical solution to the problem. I use smb with my Mac's to my Windows servers. But what most Mac users don't do is bind their Mac's to the Windows domains for centralized user account management. This helps keep permissions squared away when accessing files on...
  11. mattbeals

    MacOS Sierra running Fiery Print Driver NOT DETECTING. help. . .

    Living on the razors edge, one tends to bleed a bit. I don't believe Sierra is supported. Better check with Fiery tech support.
  12. mattbeals

    PDF file submission software

    Yes, intimately familiar with it. A very powerful tool. To me it is what Instant PDF always wanted to be.
  13. mattbeals

    PDF file submission software

    Years ago I had a basic preflight tool for Word/Publisher/Excel files for checking fonts. That's about the limit of the practicality. Once you can get a PDF the standard tools are what you want to use. But you at least have to have the fonts for the Office stuff to even have a chance.
  14. mattbeals

    Invisibe pdfs???

    This is a general networking issue I believe. I have the same problem with videos, PDF's.
  15. mattbeals

    Invisibe pdfs???

    I've had this problem with Mac OS X 10.11.5 and Windows Server 2008 (not R2). I have not been able to find a fix for it.
  16. mattbeals

    Stand Alone Trapping Software

    I believe that the trap layer is raster, but the PDF itself stays native and is not converted.
  17. mattbeals

    Stand Alone Trapping Software

    Lucid Dream iTrap is great.
  18. mattbeals

    Acrobat DC files fo output

    Reexamine does not mean reconfigure. We reexamine business needs, health, finances, politics, beliefs, insurance, etc. more frequently than every ten years. It simply means to study it again. It's good to reexamine.
  19. mattbeals

    Acrobat DC files fo output

    There's something wrong with the system then. If the RIP processes the PDF correctly and the raster blaster mucks it up, then there is fundamentally a problem. If the RIP correctly renders the native PDF into 1 bit TIFFs, and the raster blasters job is to send the 1 bit TIFFs to the platesetter...
  20. mattbeals

    Acrobat DC files fo output

    Why perpetrate such a crime on a PDF by printing it? Just let the RIP process the PDF via hot folder where native PDF objects can be correctly processed rather than abusing them by converting to PostScript? ;) All joking above aside, just let the RIP process the native PDF's via a hot folder...

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