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  1. michaelejahn

    GMG, ORIS, EFI, ... what else?

    Dario - GraphicPublik is simply a distributer / resller - Star Proof's developer is Isi Graphic System - based in China.
  2. michaelejahn

    GMG, ORIS, EFI, ... what else?

    it is for Product Brochures and packaging - so, important when simulating spot colors.
  3. michaelejahn

    GMG, ORIS, EFI, ... what else?

    We use StarProof mainly because we can simulate spot colors better and 'some' people want dots ( not me )
  4. michaelejahn

    Agfa Galileo

    from "a friend" who works for AGFA "Related to Galileos. I've not seen one in a very long time and when I asked a hardware guy, he said he hadn't had a call for one in a long time. Doesn't mean there aren't some out there but they may be being serviced by" "Parts: From us...
  5. michaelejahn

    software for package/box creation?

    I am not sure if this does what you want, but have you looked at PaSharp?
  6. michaelejahn

    TRUE crop

    are these objects all the same ( stroke and color ( like registration?)) - Andrew - can't the be selected that way and then removed ?
  7. michaelejahn

    What about Profitability?

    I hear that the contact pricing from Canoxdigoh can range between a buck three eighty per impression to 100 kopeks per sheet !
  8. michaelejahn

    Batch scanning legal documents?

    Hi BCR, I worked for a company - years ago - that developed software for jobs like this - and - also offered doing this as a service. I have seen folks ( that is, folks who do this all the time, where they understand the file prep ( removing staples...
  9. michaelejahn

    Plot image in a 3D gamut.

    if you don't mind a not so clever reply @beeeehhh ( if that is your REAL name ) - what problem are you trying to solve ?
  10. michaelejahn

    unwanted PDF background tint with EFI/Heidelberg Linoprint

    When you open the Canva generated PDF, and - in Adobe Acrobat Pro - if you (1) open the Print Production tool - then (2) click on Output Preview - is (3) Simulate Paper Color checked ON ?
  11. michaelejahn

    Any pdf 2.0 viewer/reader within sight?

    IMHO - unless you have a workflow requirement to embed cXF data into your PDF files and then exchange them with some print service provider that can actually extract or process that cXF data, not seeing WHAT the urgency here is.
  12. michaelejahn

    Adobe Performance...

    We ( SmartSoft - developer of PressWise, a Print MIS system ) licence / use PDFLib to generate our Print Ready PDF files. We never get complaints from Customer on the PDF files that this generates ( which they print on customers Xerox, Kodak, HP or any of the RIPs and DFEs that drive offset or...
  13. michaelejahn

    Is this real?

    be sure to drop your files in the ueue for automated processing.
  14. michaelejahn

    Adobe to remove Pantone books from Creative Cloud

    I - for one - do not "hate" any software developer - everyone is trying to make a living while building things that solve a problem and are sustainable. Thank FSM ( Flying Spaghetti Monster ) that Adobe supports named color spaces so we can exchange PDF files that contain "what ever you wanna...
  15. michaelejahn

    Soft Proofing/Device Link Profiles questions

    Years and years ago, ( wow, just checked, 10 years ago in 2012 ! ) we had a project come across the innertubes where the customer wanted to see what their greyscale PDF would look like if printed on green paper ( a very specific Lab value ) - we created an output intent that would be applied...
  16. michaelejahn

    Pantone Color Libraries will be removed from future Adobe updates

    The work-arounds are starting to appear;
  17. michaelejahn

    too much ICC profiles!

    @Dario - why are having too many ICC profiles a problem ? You select the one you want and be done with it. Set it and forget it ( until someone asks for something else I suppose )
  18. michaelejahn

    check Output Intents in Acrobat

    @Dario - what problem are you trying to solve - do you have some old RIP that does not have a setting to ignore the output intent ? you wrote "Also I'd like to build some automation to remove it." - most RIPs have a setting that can either honor, preserve, ignore, or replace.
  19. michaelejahn


    what ever you can get ! You might start by asking a potential customer what they pay for a few items. Also, Avery has online store - you can see their prices that way
  20. michaelejahn

    Pricing Brochures and Business Cards...

    (disclaimer - I work for a Print MIS software developer - but used to be a prepress manager at a heatset offset and gravure printer ) Okay, well, our PressWise users all approach the same problem differently. They may a relationship with a reseller / broker - were they sell everything at a...

What About Profitability?

What about Profitability?
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