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  1. Lorenzo lab guy

    EOL on a 6-7 year old printer - what are consequences?

    At the end of our 5 year lease on our Xerox V80 we sold it to a friend as a favor. We sold it for the buy-out amount and took care to make sure we followed the rules to keep it under a Xerox click/maintenance program. Our friend is happy with it and has it under a Xerox click program. . Bu he...
  2. Lorenzo lab guy

    Seeking advice of speeding up production of notepads

    We can compose, impose, print and stack trim our customized notepads just fine. The bottleneck is our padding press. We can do about 200 at a time on it, but unstacking and trimming the stacks apart is pretty slow and looks like our current production bottleneck. Let me "note" that each...
  3. Lorenzo lab guy

    End of the job category "Printer"

    From the Washington Post: ​​​​​​Stop the presses. As of this month, “printer” and “screen printer” are no longer official jobs — at least as far as the Labor Department’s flagship release is concerned. The same goes for “printing support” jobs such as platemaking and prepress work. Each year...
  4. Lorenzo lab guy

    What [printing] Conferences do you like? Where do you get marketing resources?

    I just finished up at my main annual conference: IPIC2017 International Print + Imaging Conference. I feel like I get a lot from this annual event, but it aims at group of photo labs that also grew into digital press printing. As a newly elected (volunteer) board member of the IPI Member Network...
  5. Lorenzo lab guy

    advice on small die-cutter

    My search through the forum didn't show me exactly what I was looking for, so let me put my first post out there: We print greeting cards on a Xerox Versant and are very happy with our Duplo 645. We have expanded sales of die-cut cards and are increasing our volume each month. We now use a...

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What about Profitability?
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