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  1. michaelejahn

    Print PDF for printing on glass

    Okay, so, this PDF is how the files arrive. They are designed so that they print on glass. you need to open in Acrobat then use the overprint preview tool ( otherwise, it will look blank / white ) The white needs to be printed first, then the colors on top of the white. - while this works...
  2. michaelejahn

    Enfocus Action - interesting Playing Card PDF building challenge

    Hi ! Okay, so we have a customer who starts with a single page 3.75 x 2.75 PDF that represents the back of the playing card. The also get a 54 page 3.75x2.75 PDF ( 52 cards , two jokers ) that represents the front ( or face ) of the playing card. What we need is an action list that will...
  3. michaelejahn


    Anyone using it still ? Can it export an order as XML ?
  4. michaelejahn

    Anyone using EFI’s Radius MIS product ? I had not heard of this until today. ( yes, okay, maybe I live under a rock )
  5. michaelejahn

    Anyone know this guy ?

    David Kew is the guy on the left with the budweiser in his hand. This was taken in April 1997 at the AGFA "PDF Group" meeting at the Ocean Reef Club, Key Largo, Florida - who is the guy on right ?
  6. michaelejahn

    Do you use OPS ( now EFI OPS ) ?

    Hi all, We have heard a rumor that EFI will be discontinuing support for OPS. Even if that was true, I imagine folks would not instantly hop over to some other storefront, as my understanding is that it is feature rich and reliable - never mind the man-hours that might take. Was curious what...
  7. michaelejahn

    Anyone using Adobe Job Ready ?

    Looking for feedback
  8. michaelejahn

    Who will be at ?

    Hi all, Been quite quiet for a while (yes, you are all welcome) since I started here at SmartSoft. My first time in public - manning a booth - and demoing PressWise. Stop by and feel free to kick me in the shin. Presswise - PressWise - Print Workflow Automation In The Cloud
  9. michaelejahn

    PDF is 20 years old and is now ISO standard.

    I would have never believed that 20 years ago that PDF would be as ubiquitous. Katherine O'Brien Editor of AMERICAN PRINTER MAGAZINE called me a while back asking questions about the early days of being a PDF Evangelist for AGFA - I sent her to my boss at the time - John Harrison, here is his...
  10. michaelejahn

    recommend a cheap RIP ?

    My buddy has a Macintosh and he wants to print to a HP2500 large format printer. What sorts of inexpensive options are out there being used - any suggestions are welcome, even vendor pitches !
  11. michaelejahn

    Macintosh quartz created pdf problems

    I'm having some issues with client supplied pdf's created with mac quartz - they don't print as intended. We get either jumbled fonts or carriage returns where they don't belong. If you view the pdf on screen it looks fine, but the print out off a xerox or an oce produces unintended results...
  12. michaelejahn

    In need of copydot scan samples - help please

    We are have developed an Adobe Acrobat Plug-in that converts scans of 4 color film to composite descreened PDF files that would be used for digital printing systems (Xerox, Oce, InfoPrint, Kodak, HP, the usual suspects) This conversion begins as either DCS, PostScript - or if they know what you...
  13. michaelejahn

    PDF/X or PDF for directly print from Apple Quartz without any Adobe anythin

    Any Macintosh OSX experts out there who has a good reliable set up description for making PDF/X files from Tiger and Leapord (Apple Macitosh OSX 10.4 and 10.5) ? I don't care about setting up the Mac to access Acrobat, as I am sure that has not changed since Panther (10.3) I want to know what...
  14. michaelejahn

    What is with the Attachments tool ?

    I just answered a question related to converting CMYK PDF files to B$W - I took the time to perform the conversion and wanted to attach the result. This PDF file was ONLY 120k (no, not 120MBs, 120K) and I got the error " *File 'cmyk2BandW2.pdf' is too large.* I mean, can you perhaps increase...
  15. michaelejahn

    XMPie --> PDF/X-1a

    We use Adobe InDesign Server. We Use Adobe Acrobat version 7 and InDesign CS2 - and we are interested in learning if any XMPie users who create Print PDF files are set up to have the final print PDF file set at PDF/X-1a. Please share workflow configuration.
  16. michaelejahn

    New Online Page assembly application - need testers!

    Hi everyone, I have been working with a customer who has an online application that enables "photo album" and "digital scrapbook page design" functionality, and was interested in having as many people as possible register and try the tool - we are looking for honest, candid feedback - positive...

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